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Daily Meditation for Monday, February 18, 2019 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Stability - the ultimate stage of initiation
"Stability is the virtue on which we must base our inner life. But what is stability? Someone who is stable is someone who, having decided to walk the path of the light, maintains their divine direction no matter what. As soon as they understand a truth and accept it in their heart and soul, not only do they never allow it to fade in them, they also make it a rule for life, a programme to follow. Stability is a very rare quality. The greatest difficulty for those who have embraced spiritual life is not so much reaching a higher level of consciousness, but maintaining it. One day they are victorious, but the next, the external or internal conditions having changed, they are more negligent, and tend to take another direction and get lost.

In reality, keeping course permanently without flinching on high is almost impossible. This is why stability is the ultimate goal of initiation, when a disciple can finally say, just like the hierophant in ancient Egypt, 'I am stable, the child of stable, conceived and begotten in the land of stability.' "

Thought of the Week for Feb 17 - Feb 23, 2019
The Skin
" There is nothing wrong with lying almost nude on the beach in summer in order to benefit from the air and sun. But the benefits would be greater if people understood the nature of the influences they were exposing themselves to and had methods of working with them. What they receive when they are exposed in this way depends on the thoughts and feelings they are nourishing.

In itself, the skin is neutral; it can capture anything, the good as well as the bad. It is one’s consciousness, one’s thoughts that direct and determine the skin’s work. When your thoughts are pure, luminous and linked with God, it is as if your skin received orders from above to drive out poisons and attract only life-giving particles and energies. When realized under good conditions, this communion with the forces of nature can restore you.
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