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Daily Meditation for Tuesday, October 16, 2018 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Emotions - cultivate those you feel when you encounter true beauty
"Everyday events may arouse feelings and emotions which can bring you down. Instead, learn to see them as material on which you can work and forge and renew yourself.

When someone has done you an injustice or offended you, you find it quite natural to feel upset or even cry. If, on the other hand, you were to shed a tear when faced with true beauty, a work of art or a noble gesture for instance, you would most probably feel some degree of shame. Well, let me tell you that, on the contrary, you should show yourself stoical and impassive when faced with hardship, but when faced with beauty it is alright to show emotion and sensibility, and shed tears. For the tears you shed when faced with beauty are like celestial rain that purifies you and waters the flowers of your inner garden. Tears of disappointment and bitterness may bring you some relief for a time, but no more than that. Tears of wonder, however, will regenerate you because they are impregnated with a divine essence."

Thought of the Week for Oct 14 - Oct 20, 2018
The Three Powers Within
" Most people don’t realize that they are full of contradictions, struggles and discord. Or if they recognize this, they accept it as fate and have no idea why it is so. But it is very simple: the three powers within them – the intellect, the heart and the will – are not united and working in the same direction. The intellect is taken with certain ideas, but the heart, which also seeks satisfaction, opts for pleasures, completely forgetting the decisions of the intellect. As for the will, sometimes it obeys one, sometimes the other, or, left to its own devices, it does whatever it wants...

To put an end to this disorder, human beings must create an ideal for themselves. They must cherish it and nourish it until it takes possession of them, incarnates in them and becomes one with them.
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