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Daily Meditation for Thursday, March 22, 2018 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Divine sun, the - nurtures the seeds that we are too
"Every year in the spring the sun begins to warm the seeds that have been planted, and says to them, ‘Now is the time to emerge, grow, develop, produce flowers and fruits. Get to work!’ – ‘But we are small and weak.’ – ‘No, no, try, you will see, I will help you.’ All these seeds then take heart, and every day, with its warmth and its light, the sun speaks to them. And some time later, magnificent plants begin to appear, and they are a source of joy for all.

This same phenomenon can also take place in humans, for we are also seeds, sown in spiritual soil. If we learn to open ourselves to the rays of the divine sun, we will produce colours, perfumes and flavours so extraordinary that even celestial beings will be amazed."

Thought of the Week for Mar 18 - Mar 24, 2018
" Each organ in our body tends to its own work without bothering about what the others are doing. We cannot expect an organ to be concerned about the entire body. This is why, for the proper functioning of the whole, the cosmic Spirit has put a higher intelligence in charge. Thanks to this intelligence in the human being, the movements of each organ are regulated, and its specialization contributes to the harmony of the whole.

By way of his consciousness, then, a human being is situated between his organs and this intelligence he has received from heaven. If he shows preference for certain organs, for his stomach and sex organs, for example, and forgets the interests of the whole, anarchy takes hold in him, and he begins to deteriorate. But if he gives priority to the balanced rule of intelligence, he will experience a state of unity and harmony, which will make him a true creator.
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