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Daily Meditation for Monday, November 19, 2018 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Light - spiritual gold
"In life on earth as it is today, no reasonable person would deny that money is useful. But it is only in the material plane that money is of any use. In the psychic plane, in the spiritual plane, you can do no good with money. There, it is light you need, light which is fluid gold. If you love the light, if you know how to attract it, you already possess gold in the spiritual plane. The richer you are with such gold, the better you are able to go to the heavenly shops to ‘buy’ what you cannot find in any other shop: wisdom, love, truth, infinity, eternity, and so on.

This is why sages and initiates endeavour to accumulate as much gold as possible in the spiritual plane, and they enrich themselves with many qualities and virtues, and subsequently make others benefit from them. Earning money is of no great significance to them – they are preoccupied only with the minimum they need to live on – but with their light, they continue to attract the gifts of heaven and distribute them to those around them."

Thought of the Week for Nov 18 - Nov 24, 2018
The Four Letters of the Name of God
" The four letters of the name of God, Iod He Vav He h v h y, can be interpreted as four aspects of the Divinity: colour, sound, form and movement. For the universe, or nature, which is an emanation of the Creator, manifests essentially through these four modes and their numerous combinations. Through colour, sound, form and movement, it is always God as the one reality who reveals himself, but in different guises. It is therefore very important to study these expressions in depth, for each is a language we must interpret if we are to know what the Creator has to tell us.

And if we were to take our study of the four letters of the name of God even deeper, we would discover the four basic pillars of initiatic Science – the Cabbalah, astrology, magic and alchemy – which are also represented in the human being by the head (Cabbalah), the lungs (astrology), the stomach (alchemy), the hands and the sexual organs (magic).
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