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Daily Meditation for Saturday, December 14, 2019 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Two - the number of initiation
"The universe was created by two principles – the masculine principle and the feminine principle – and it can only subsist through the work of both these principles. Contained within the number 2 are all the possibilities for creation, but so too are all the possibilities for division, and as such, confrontation. The number 2 is also the beginning of what is called evil, which is why it is said that 2 is the number of initiation. All the deepest, most complex, most dangerous questions are contained within the number 2. It even harbours the secret of the existence of the so-called devil always described as an entity that rears up against God, declaring himself as his adversary.

In reality, God has no adversary. Since he is the 1, he is beyond good and evil. God is not only the good, he is also not opposed to the devil, the embodiment of evil and whom he cannot defeat. Both good and evil are his servants."

Thought of the Week for Dec 8 - Dec 14, 2019
" Money is a dangerous temptation, and those who are not conscious of this danger allow the idea of money and the desire for it to cloud their inner sky. It becomes like a screen which prevents celestial light from penetrating them. So put your money in your pocket, in a drawer or a safe, anywhere but in your mind or your heart. Otherwise, it becomes your master and you its slave. If you are its master, it will obey you and do a great deal of good for you. But if it is your master, it will drive you to dominate others, to mistreat them or eliminate them, and you will transgress many laws.

A true master is one who can possess all the gold in the world without ever doing wrong, because he has mastery over himself and over gold. So those of you who want to progress on the spiritual path must reflect carefully on your relationship to money. Otherwise, it is pointless even to speak of spirituality!
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