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Daily Meditation for Monday, December 11, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Life - only belongs to God, for he is life
"In all religions, the supreme God is seen as the unique source of life. It is he who gives life, and he who withdraws it. He is the master of life, because he is life. But, what do we know about life? We can do no more than enumerate its many manifestations and say that in it, all things are possible, that it contains all gifts. But as for life itself, it is still a mystery.

As for God, so for life: all our attempts to grasp its secrets are destined to fail. While playing sorcerers’ apprentices, biologists in their laboratories may soon have some success in their tinkering, this may delude them for a moment into thinking that they have become masters of life. But they will soon be obliged to acknowledge their failure, for life belongs to God alone. God gives life, but he does not reveal the secret of his creation, it is his secret alone."

Thought of the Week for Dec 12 - Dec 16, 2017
On Eating...
" A meal is a magic ceremony, thanks to which the food entering your organism is to be transformed not only into health and strength but also into love and light. So you must pay attention to your inner state when you eat. Haven't you noticed that when you eat in a state of anger or rebellion it takes you hours to regain your peace, because you have negatively influenced the food through your thoughts and feelings.

Everything in life is sacred; everything has meaning. If you introduce toxic vibrations into the food which has been prepared by the intelligences of nature to maintain your life force, you will pay for this negligence and lack of respect in one way or another. The state in which you eat is registered somewhere in your organism, and it influences your health for better or worse.
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