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Daily Meditation for Monday, August 10, 2020 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
"What kind of people do you tend to notice and appreciate? It is those who are rich, learned and illustrious, those who are successful and who have achieved social prominence. And when you meet people with great moral qualities – patience, goodness, forbearance, purity and generosity – you fail to appreciate them, and for that matter, you do not even notice them. Well this is the wrong attitude! For it is thanks to these people who attract no attention that life on earth is still possible. While others make every effort to be noticed and to claim the limelight, they continue modestly to pursue their beneficial activities in the shadows. The light, peace and harmony emanating from them purifies the atmosphere and renders the air more breathable for everyone. I am not saying this to turn you away from all who are brilliant and talented, no, for some of them fortunately have fine moral qualities too. I simply wish to draw your attention to the presence of beings who are simple, good and pure, and whom you are not as yet in the habit of noticing."

Thought of the Week for Aug 9 - Aug 15, 2020
Share The Joy
" When the spiritual life brings you moments of peace, joy and wonder, you must not keep them for yourself. Devote at least a few minutes to sharing something of these privileged states by means of your thoughts. Think of all the beings in the world who are in anguish and despair. Focus your thoughts on them and say: 'Dear brothers and sisters throughout the world, what I possess is so beautiful, so luminous, that I want to share it with you. Receive some of this beauty; take some of this light!'

Since you know that your state of mind generates waves that spread out into the world, do not keep your happiness for yourself; share it with others. Not only will you be doing them good, you will also amplify these states in yourself. Yes, this is a magical phenomenon. The best way to hold on to your joy is to share it.
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