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Daily Meditation for Monday, April 23, 2018 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Soul, the - only spiritual means can meet its need for immensity
"The realm of the soul is infinite space. Thus, when a being’s soul feels restricted, it seeks to escape at all costs and presses its host to provide the means. Those who are incapable of providing their soul with elements of a spiritual nature will be driven to seek material substances, that is to say alcohol or drugs. For alcohol and drugs have the ability to release the soul from the physical body giving it, if only briefly, the illusion of freedom and space.

However, alcohol and drugs are but chemical substances given to the body. Yet the body itself has no need to escape; the need to escape comes from the soul. Drinking or drug use is a sign that the soul is seeking to travel in infinite space. But as this means of escape can never satisfy it, not only does the soul continue to languish, the body itself is also destroyed. Only spiritual means can meet the soul’s need to swell freely in space."

Thought of the Week for Apr 22 - Apr 28, 2018
Regarding Love and Marriage
" In the Invisible World, the Soul cannot live alone: there they live in twos. You will have soulmates. Similarities exist there: you will live on as couples. Man cannot live alone. This is how God created the world. Here on the earth, two bodies live in one place. In the causal world, two hearts exist together. And in the mental world, two minds exist in one place. In the Spiritual World, two souls live in one place and in the Divine World, two spirits live in one. And when you enter into God, you become One.

Now when you ask if you should marry, you have in mind the physical body. Bodies cause within people today the need to marry. One body unites with another and this is called marriage.

The question about marriage depends only upon this condition: whether or not it has been decided for two people to unite and fulfill God’s Will on earth. If it has not been decided, these souls need to continue to study alone.
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