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Daily Meditation for Friday, June 18, 2021 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Happiness - the selfish pursuit of happiness will get you nowhere
"So many people endlessly complain that they lack this, that someone owes them that, that no one loves them or thinks of them, that others are ill intentioned and so on. But why don’t they realize that their egotism and unreasonable demands put off everyone around them? They need to be helped, supported, rescued, this is true, but they must realize that this very selfish pursuit of happiness will get them nowhere.

Those who think only of getting more for themselves, who imagine the whole world should revolve around them, are setting themselves up for a life of disappointment and suffering. In order to be happy, you must become a servant."

Thought of the Week for Jun 13 - Jun 19, 2021
Thy Kingdom Come
" In the Lord’s Prayer, Christians recite ‘Thy kingdom come.’ And why, after two thousand years, is there still so much war, famine, poverty and misery? Because people have not learned how to work. They recite ‘Thy kingdom come’ half-heartedly, and they continue to emphasize the faults and shortcomings of one group or another: how poorly they are organized, the money they have misspent… They count solely on material solutions, and in applying them they are drawn into endless conflict.

If you sincerely wish for the coming of the kingdom of God, you must put aside human ways, the ways of matter, and work with divine ways, the ways of the spirit. This means nourishing the very best desires and feelings in yourself and speaking only positive words. These feelings, desires and words activate luminous forces in the invisible world, which come to help in the realization of this kingdom of love and peace.
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