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Daily Meditation for Sunday, July 23, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Achievements, of spirit - only they can truly transform life
"In the physical realm, human beings have made gigantic achievements: we cannot help but see how scientific and technical progress has transformed life. But this is not enough, and humanity is now called upon to realize achievements that are still more important, more vital for them, by means of the faculties of the spirit. Through meditation and prayer, they must learn to make a relationship with the world of the spirit, so that light, love, and power of the spirit descend upon the earth, within them, and upon those beings around them.

Scientific and technical progress has limits, and even presents dangers. If all these discoveries are not made to serve a higher vision of things, humanity will be overwhelmed, overtaken and crushed by them. Scientific and technical achievements are not sufficient to transform life. It is by means of the spirit that life will be truly transformed, because peace, freedom, and brotherhood are accomplishments of the spirit."

Thought of the Week for Jul 23 - Jul 29, 2017
Living Book
" Each of us is a book, one which we ourselves are in the process of writing. Our thoughts and feelings trace the letters of a script which will be engraved in the matter of our subtle bodies. But how many of you know this? How many of you have consciously begun to write your own book?

Human beings have always been taught to work exclusively outside themselves. It is true that they succeed magnificently at this, but their inner world lies fallow. And all these creations they are so proud of do not really belong to them: they are external to them and will therefore disappear. Only the work done on one's own matter is inscribed for all eternity. You will say: 'But as these creations are internal, they are no good to anyone.' You are quite mistaken: a person who creates himself, who writes his own book, is a benefactor to all his brothers and sisters, because he is a living book which fills them with its warmth and light
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