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Daily Meditation for Saturday, August 19, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Promises, made to us - know ahead of time that they will not always be kept
"So many people are devastated because they feel they have been betrayed. They exclaim repeatedly, ‘But how is it possible? He promised me… She gave me her word…’ It is true, they were promised a great deal, that they would not be abandoned, that they would always be loved, helped and supported and they believed what they were told. But they should not have been so gullible! Most men and women, like children, make promises that they genuinely believe they can keep. When they give their word they are sincere and are convinced they will do what they say. But they do not know themselves, they do not know how weak, unstable and fickle they are and, when the time comes, they lose their nerve or forget. This is normal, and you must know in advance that this is always possible. If you never want to be disappointed, try to be sensible. Never ask human beings to do something that may be beyond their capacity because, even with the best intentions in the world, they may not be able to live up to your expectations."

Thought of the Week for Aug 13 - Aug 19, 2017
" Love is an energy. When you love someone, therefore, what is most important is to know where all this energy you release goes, what good, constructive effects it has in the world or what damage and destruction it wreaks. Is it like a volcanic eruption that rains down on people’s heads and buries entire cities? If all you are interested in is pleasure, certain inferior entities will capture the energy you project and feast on it at your expense. Reinforced, they will set out to ravage the world. The energy of love is divine; it comes from heaven and must return to heaven.

Lovers who are conscious of this truth ask the spiritual entities to channel their energy and use it for the good of humanity, for it is an extraordinarily vital and dynamic force.
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