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Daily Meditation for Saturday, June 23, 2018 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Life - dedicate it in order to truly live it
"‘I want to live my life my way.’ This is how so many men and women declare their need for independence. They want to live their life, yes, but what kind of life is that? An animal life or a divine life? The truth is that generally, those who claim to be ‘living their life’ are not really interested in a divine life. They embark on chaotic adventures and waste their life, and they lose it in the end.

The disciple, on the other hand, knows that if they want to save their life, they must devote it to heaven, saying, ‘Lord, I now realize that without you, without your light, I am nothing. By only doing as I please, I have weakened and impoverished myself. From now on, I will devote my life to you so that I may finally be of some use to the world.’ The lords of destiny will then hold counsel and decide, ‘From here on in, we place this being under the law of divine Providence.’ This decree will be proclaimed throughout all the regions of space. The angels and all the servants of heaven will instantly comply, and you will find that your life will begin to truly have meaning."

Thought of the Week for Jun 17 - Jun 23, 2018
Silence - the Prerequisite for Thought
" Silence is a prerequisite for thought. It is therefore when you introduce silence in yourself that your mind, detached from everything that hinders it, becomes capable of the most luminous creations. The potential of thought is limited by petty things that come from lower realms: worries, anxieties, resentments, all the prosaic preoccupations which poison everyday life.

Free your mind so that you are able to form a high ideal in yourself, and every day embellish it, reinforce it, magnify it, intensify it and make it divine. Every day you must add an element that is more beautiful, more altruistic and purer. For an ideal is a living being, real and powerful, which inhabits the heavenly regions. From on high it looks after you, keeps you from going astray, protects you, teaches you and inspires you. But it is you, here below, who must nourish it.
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