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Daily Meditation for Tuesday, September 17, 2019 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Love - makes us see everything as if for the first time
"True love is not a feeling but a state of consciousness. Those who cultivate true love as a state of consciousness see everything anew, for love has this extraordinary capacity of making us see human beings, nature and the creatures inhabiting it as we were seeing them for the first time.

Only love is able to sense the subtle currents of life that pass through us, and these currents are constantly being renewed. Objective and physical knowledge of what exists is not enough to fulfil us. Take for example someone who might be capable of exploring the entire universe: they would end up feeling a void, and even feeling bored if they have not learnt to make contact with the subtle currents of life that flow through all beings and through everything."

Thought of the Week for Sep 15 - Sep 21, 2019
Your Body, Your Health
" All of our organs and the cells they are made of form an orchestra, and they sing and play the scores assigned to them by cosmic Intelligence. Each part of the body has its work, thanks to which we remain in good health. Yes, but physical health is not enough. This is why we must interrogate our organs every day, asking our legs: ‘Where are you taking me?’, our arms: ‘What are you about to do?’, our mouth: ‘What are you saying?’, our eyes: ‘What are you looking at?’, our mind: ‘What are you thinking?’ and so on.

The intelligent, conscious disciple knows he must become a good conductor. Every day, not only does he see to it that the organs of his physical body work harmoniously to keep him in good health, but he remembers to direct his activity towards a higher purpose, so that no dissonance is produced in the cosmic organism.
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