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Daily Meditation for Sunday, April 23, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Hate - never use God to justify it
"When human beings attack and destroy one another, they are working against the Creator. Even if God has created them different, these differences must never serve as a pretext for fighting one another. In the eyes of God, nothing justifies hatred for a certain race or people, or the desire to enslave a social class. All living beings were born of God, and he suffers as a result of their clashes.

Human beings have adopted a philosophy of separateness in the name of interests they claim to be superior, but which in fact are only inspired by their selfishness and shortsightedness. The defence of these interests goes against the interests of all creation, and it will be their downfall. The true interests of humanity and those of the Divinity are one and the same, and only when they unite will blessings come to pass for all."

Thought of the Week for Apr 23 - Apr 29, 2017
" Why, among the four elements, do we especially associate water with clairvoyance? It is said in Genesis that on the second day of creation, God separated the waters above from the waters below. The waters above represent the cosmic library in which the archives of the universe are kept. This library, referred to in the initiatic tradition as ‘Akasha Cronica’, holds the records left by all creatures since the beginning of time as well as the records of all events that have transpired. This is why many clairvoyants work with water: they concentrate over a bowl of water and ‘see’. Not that they actually see something in the water, but through it they make contact with the waters above. Images of what they want to know float in these waters, and they are thus able to capture them. "
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