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Daily Meditation for Friday, November 24, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Fate, our - is determined by our attitude to the divine world
"Human beings do not seem to be aware that their attitude toward the divine world determines their destiny. Increasingly, instead of bowing before the grandeur of God and glorifying him, they are adopting careless and disrespectful behaviours which thwart his plans and introduce chaos in his creation.

The worst enemy of human beings is pride, this self-important and arrogant attitude which will eventually lead to their ruin. If they want to save themselves, they must learn to regard creation as sacred, to vibrate like the Aeolian harp with each breath of wind, with each current from heaven, to commune with the universe, with the universal Soul and with the cosmic Spirit. During this exchange, energies from the higher world work on them: elements of the greatest purity flow into their soul, while the dark elements leave and are absorbed in immensity."

Thought of the Week for Nov 19 - Nov 25, 2017
" One of people's main concerns nowadays is to be able to eat healthy food. It is of course highly desirable that food should not be contaminated, but it is also important for those people who are involved in its preparation to be aware that the food they handle becomes impregnated with their emanations and subsequently passes these on to those who eat it.

People use their hands to prepare food and a person's hands magically transmit something of this person's quintessence. Chefs, cooks, bakers and all those people who prepare food for their families on a daily basis must know this law of chemistry and magic. With this knowledge they will then get into the habit of touching food, conscious that what they are holding in their hands will contribute to the edification of the body of people nearby and far away, persons known and persons unknown. This is a huge responsibility and it is therefore worthwhile for them to endeavour to be dwelling in the best inner state when they prepare food, fostering thoughts of good health, peace and light for those who are due to eat it.
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