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Daily Meditation for Thursday, October 19, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Fear - is conquered by the light
"Human existence can be compared to a journey through a forest or the ascent of a great mountain. What efforts we must make and what dangers we must confront before we arrive at the goal! And if we undertake this journey or this ascent in darkness, the risk of losing our way, of dangerous encounters, or of falling to the bottom of a precipice is great. In darkness, not only are we truly exposed to danger, but the greatest danger is the fear that we create ourselves, not knowing what to make of the noises and the shadowy forms we see stirring around us. To be afraid is to give power to that which we fear, to prepare the conditions it needs to do harm.

Symbolically, this is the life of human beings when they do not possess true knowledge. Only true knowledge which accompanies them like a light can give them security and peace. Once they have this light, even if they have hardships to endure, since they will see things as they are, they will continue to walk with confidence."

Thought of the Week for Oct 15 - Oct 21, 2017
" We can say that today music has become the most appreciated of all artistic expressions. Everywhere we hear more and more of it, and more and more young people want to make music and sing. But since they have no criteria, they do not see that certain kinds of music that have won great popularity are extremely harmful for them. If it is new and original, this is criteria enough for them. And this is how they have come to call music something that is really only a succession of discordant sounds accompanied by howls and gesticulations. They do not realize that these cacophonies produce vibrations that tear their nervous system to shreds and awaken monstrous forms in their soul.

Yes, this is serious. It is important to reflect on the influence certain music can have on the psychic equilibrium of the young, and even of adults.
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