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Daily Meditation for Tuesday, July 16, 2019 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Salt, sulphur and mercury - in alchemy
"Like chemists, alchemists work with an element they call 'salt'. But what they call salt and what they call mercury and sulphur have nothing in common with the chemical substances of the same name. Only the correspondences between them are the same: just as salt is the product of an acid and a base in chemistry, it is the product of sulphur and mercury in alchemy.

Sulphur must be seen as the masculine principle which manifests as our intellect and on the plane above, as our spirit; mercury represents the feminine principle, our heart and higher still, our soul. And salt, our will, represents the balance that should ideally reign between the two. Will is expressed through actions: through their actions, humans reveal the extent to which they have been able to create harmony between their intellect and their heart, and between their thoughts and feelings. Through their physical body, they express the wealth of their spirit and soul, of which their intellect and heart are the instruments. And by means of their physical body, the instrument of their will, humans must bring the Divine down on to the earth."

Thought of the Week for Jul 14 - Jul 20, 2019
What Is a Spiritual Master
" You ask by what criteria you can recognize a true spiritual master. It is very simple: a spiritual master must fulfil at least three conditions. First, he must possess knowledge of the essential, which is to say, not what human beings have written, created or recounted, but knowledge that is essential according to initiatic Science. Secondly, a master must be able to govern and control everything within himself. Someone who is not able to bring peace and harmony to the workings of his inner life can always arrange to be called ‘master’, but he is not one, and this title he does not merit will only serve to make him look ridiculous. Nature does not recognize human diplomas; she awards diplomas only to those who possess the science of the essential and have learnt to master themselves. ‘And the third criteria?’ you ask. This concerns a quality which is even more difficult to acquire: the ability to dedicate this science and self-mastery to the service of love, for the good of the entire world. "
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