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Daily Meditation for Thursday, March 21, 2019 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Spiritual sun, the - our love must water the seeds it cultivates in us
"Each year, when spring returns and the warmth and light increase, all the seeds in the ground begin to sprout and grow. It is a time for us to think about all the seeds within us: they are also ready to germinate and grow under the light and warmth of the sun – the spiritual sun. The sun we see rising on the horizon each morning is a distant reflection of this spiritual sun. By learning to focus on the sun, we connect ourselves to the spiritual sun that vivifies the seeds the Creator planted in us.

Each morning, by consciously presenting ourselves before the sun, we become the gardeners of our own earth. The small shoots – the qualities and virtues of our heavenly Father – need to be watered. The sun sends its light and warmth, but cannot water the plants. It is our role to water them with the water within us: our love and gratitude. Every progress we make in this endeavour is inscribed within us, and we will feel its benefit throughout our life, and even beyond, in our future lives."

Thought of the Week for Mar 17 - Mar 23, 2019
The Wild Beasts
" Wild animals are always on the prowl somewhere near human habitation. And in some parts of the world people have to watch over their children, livestock and fowl, or take certain precautions, so that these beasts do not come and devour them. In the same way, unless you are vigilant and know how to take precautions, your children and domesticated animals, symbolically speaking, will be devoured by wild beasts.

What do these children and domesticated animals represent? They are your good thoughts, your good feelings, your ardour: everything that is synonymous with spiritual riches. If you truly care about them you must protect them, or they will be ransacked by the dark entities of the astral world. At times you wonder why you suddenly feel weak, stripped bare. Clearly you have not been vigilant. You have fallen asleep, and wild beasts have come to wreak havoc.
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