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Daily Meditation for Thursday, May 25, 2017 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Sensitivity - be able to open yourself to the riches of the divine world
"The more sensitive you become, the more likely you are to suffer over all that you see and hear around you. But should we become insensitive in order to avoid suffering? No, with such reasoning, we would quickly become as hard as rock. You must not be afraid to suffer, and particularly in this regard, suffering should not be given much consideration. It is preferable to enhance one’s sensitivity, even if we have to suffer, because it is the degree of sensitivity which determines the grandeur and nobility of a human being. You must not, however, confuse sensitivity with sentimentality.

According to initiatic science, to be sensitive is to be able to open oneself more and more to the splendour and wealth of heaven, to capture the marvels of the divine world to the point of barely sensing the stupidity, the vulgarity, and the meanness of human beings. The great masters, and above them the angels and archangels, do not suffer over ugliness; they no longer notice it. They see only beauty, and they live in unceasing joy."

Thought of the Week for May 21 - May 27, 2017
What Is Our Purpose
" What are we doing on earth? What is our purpose in coming here? We have come to earth for a very important reason: to study matter and work with the forces which animate it. We are spirits who have been given bodies so that we can function in the world of matter.

Some think the Lord has designed things very badly: since man is a spirit, instead of incarnating in a body which restricts and imprisons him, he should have remained in the spirit world, in the light and magnificence of heaven. No, in his great wisdom the Lord decided otherwise, and contrary to appearances our descent into matter does not exile us far from him, for matter is of the same essence as God. It is a condensation of the divine force.
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