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Daily Meditation for Tuesday, September 22, 2020 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
"In everyday life, humans torment or tear each other apart over trifles. Their field of consciousness is so narrow and limited that nothing seems more important to them than their worries, ambitions, desires and quarrels. They do not see the immensity of the sky above them, all this infinite space that, if they would only raise their sights, would allow them to break free of their limitations and breathe a little. By thinking about infinity and eternity, they will begin to feel that they are soaring above it all, that nothing can touch them – no sorrow, no sadness, no loss – because a new consciousness will awaken in them; they will judge and experience things very differently."

Thought of the Week for Sep 20 - Sep 26, 2020
Spirits of Darkness
" We eat every day, but don’t be shocked if I tell you that we are eaten as well. Yes, we too serve as food for other entities, for the angels. They partake of our good thoughts and sentiments, of everything in us that is inspired by wisdom and love.

Angels think of us as plants that produce flowers and fruits. When they come to pick our fruits, they do not break our branches. On the contrary, they water us and care for us, so that the fruits we produce are even more succulent. But there are also ‘angels’ of another sort: entities of darkness, or demons. Because they too must nourish themselves, they feast on humans whose malicious schemes and negative emotions are delectable fare for them. They sap all their energy and leave them exhausted. While nothing is more desirable than serving as food for the angels of light, nothing is worse than being devoured by the spirits of darkness.
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