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Daily Meditation for Tuesday, October 22, 2019 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Gold and light - the relationships between them
"One wonders where humans’ fascination with gold comes from. Perhaps they vaguely sense it originates from sunlight which is so vital to their life. The truth is, there is a relationship between gold and light on every plane, for light is spiritual gold. Just as gold is the symbol of material wealth, so too is light the symbol of spiritual wealth.

The day humans understand what light truly is and learn to appreciate it, they will no longer exhaust themselves in the often disappointing and sometimes deadly pursuit of this very precious metal – gold. Some may feel drawn towards the sun’s light, but since they still have a long way to go before managing to free themselves from matter’s grip, they don't think any further than the metal."

Thought of the Week for Oct 20 - Oct 26, 2019
Love is...
" Love represents an extraordinary power to those who are able to understand it and are able to demonstrate it. Love alone knows everything and is able to cure everything, because love can initiate and project unsuspected forces.

It is said that God is Love. But when we look at the tragic consequences love brings human beings we begin to understand the amount of work they still need to do, the distance they still need to travel to reach this divine Love. But it is worth the hard work, because love is the true mage, the all-powerful mage. Invite love to set up house within you and your love will, like the flame that shines through the glass of a lamp, shine all around you, wherever you go.
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