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Daily Meditation for Sunday, July 22, 2018 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Ingratitude of humans, the - how not to suffer from it
"We are not always rewarded for the good we do, but that must never be a reason to regret having done it. Let us say you have given someone material support, and then one day, you discover that they did not deserve your help. Not only were they ungrateful, but they plotted against you in additon. Obviously, you are tempted to tell the whole world about your disappointment. But this is not the right attitude. If you go around complaining and regretting your good deeds, you lose all credit. It had been recorded up above that you should be rewarded, and now, by telling everyone that you have been let down and misled, you erase the good you had done.

So, even if people behave badly towards you instead of showing gratitude, turn a blind eye and forgive them. This is how you grow. And whatever you have lost will be given back to you a hundred times over later. No matter what people do to you, do not get caught up in the settling of scores. Wait for heaven to pronounce itself in your favour, as one day, it inevitably will."

Thought of the Week for Jul 22 - Jul 28, 2018
Spirits of Darkness
" We eat every day, but don’t be shocked if I tell you that we are eaten as well. Yes, we too serve as food for other entities, for the angels. They partake of our good thoughts and sentiments, of everything in us that is inspired by wisdom and love.

Angels think of us as plants that produce flowers and fruits. When they come to pick our fruits, they do not break our branches. On the contrary, they water us and care for us, so that the fruits we produce are even more succulent. But there are also ‘angels’ of another sort: entities of darkness, or demons. Because they too must nourish themselves, they feast on humans whose malicious schemes and negative emotions are delectable fare for them. They sap all their energy and leave them exhausted. While nothing is more desirable than serving as food for the angels of light, nothing is worse than being devoured by the spirits of darkness.
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