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Daily Meditation for Friday, February 21, 2020 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
"Of the four elements, water is the one that mingles most closely with our own body, and because of this, by drinking water we can establish communication with the pure forces of the universe and absorb the elements it contains. But for this to happen, you must sip it slowly, thinking as you do so that you are imbibing the blood of nature, which feeds and waters all creatures. Water is the mother of life, and it deserves our respect, gratitude and love. At the marriage feast of Cana, Jesus changed water into wine, that is to say, into blood, into life. When you drink water, remember that it will be transformed into life-giving blood in your own body too. Meditate at length on this idea and say to the water, ‘You that nourish all creatures, reveal to me the secrets of eternal life.’"

Thought of the Week for Feb 16 - Feb 22, 2020
On Humility...
" The spiritual life is undeniably a difficult undertaking, and, when you realize you are not yet able to manifest the qualities you have worked so long to acquire, you must not become disheartened or rebel. If you become discouraged or irritated with yourself or others, or with the Lord himself for not granting your wishes, it is a very bad sign. It shows that your reasoning is faulty, and, even though you want your higher nature to manifest itself, it is in fact your lower nature that is doing so.

If you want to advance on the spiritual path, you must be humble, very humble. In other words, you must know that you will be put to the test constantly and will sometimes fail. But this doesn't matter. You must set out once again with patience and courage, knowing that one day at last you will arrive at your destination.
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