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Past Daily Meditations

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Soul, the - only spiritual means can meet its need for immensity
"The realm of the soul is infinite space. Thus, when a being’s soul feels restricted, it seeks to escape at all costs and presses its host to provide the means. Those who are incapable of providing their soul with elements of a spiritual nature will be driven to seek material substances, that is to say alcohol or drugs. For alcohol and drugs have the ability to release the soul from the physical body giving it, if only briefly, the illusion of freedom and space.

However, alcohol and drugs are but chemical substances given to the body. Yet the body itself has no need to escape; the need to escape comes from the soul. Drinking or drug use is a sign that the soul is seeking to travel in infinite space. But as this means of escape can never satisfy it, not only does the soul continue to languish, the body itself is also destroyed. Only spiritual means can meet the soul’s need to swell freely in space."


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mending our errors - in order to preserve our powers
"Those who have done wrong will sooner or later fall victim to the disorder they have created within themselves. Even though they may believe themselves to be very powerful and free to do as they please, these bad deeds are etched in their conscience and will one day assail them; they will be gnawed at by anxiety and remorse. Even a magus, an initiate, who holds power over nature and whom spirits obey, cannot escape this law. There is no power capable of appeasing someone tormented by their feelings of guilt, and it is thus that they weaken internally. Little by little, both their inner world and the outside world slip from their control.

You must therefore count solely on your upright and honest actions. As soon as you transgress a law, you lose your powers. They will only be restored if you are able to remedy your faults. What distinguishes initiates from ordinary humans is that they are quick to mend their mistakes. Therein too lies their power: in their ability to redress. "


Friday, April 20, 2018

Philosophy of the spirit, the - by adopting it we become the master of events
"We cannot conceive of the spirit without matter, but matter cannot be conceived without spirit. For in the beginning there was spirit: everything that exists in the universe originates on high in the spirit world, and matter is but a progressive condensation of the spirit.

It is very important for humans to cultivate this philosophy of the pre-eminence of spirit, because it enables them to rise above events. Even in their struggles with life’s difficulties (health, work, relationships, accidents), they know that they cannot be defeated. Through the power of spirit, not only can they surmount circumstances, they can influence them. They do not accept the notion that events rule their lives; it is they who are the master. So, it is up to you to choose, because depending on the philosophy you embrace – the philosophy of matter or that of spirit – you will either be weak or powerful."


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Answers from heaven - conditions for receiving them
"It is not enough to ask heaven to clarify something for you – if you do not start by working to clean and purify your inner self, you will not receive the answer correctly. Why? Because heaven’s reply, in passing through all the opaque layers you have accumulated within you, will be distorted. When a stick is immersed in water, the submerged part appears broken or bent, because air and water do not have the same refractive index.

Similarly, when the advice of the divine world has to traverse a psychic milieu which is not properly prepared to let it pass, it becomes deformed. In order to be sure of receiving clear and truthful answers from heaven, you must undertake a great deal of inner work to adjust, enlighten and purify yourself. Otherwise, there are so many risks of error. So, before asking heaven about what to do, be prepared to receive its replies correctly."


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mental habits, our - become aware of them in order to change them
"People are seldom conscious of their bad mental habits. For example, some people may already be tense and on edge before undertaking a task; others instantly react with negativity or panic when faced with a new situation; while others rebel, and yet others become discouraged. But as these are reactions they are not even aware of, they cannot rectify them, and whatever the circumstances, they inevitably fall into the same trap.

If you want to get rid of your bad mental habits, the first thing to do is to observe yourself so as to recognize them. As soon as you begin to see clearly within yourself, you will receive the means to put the situation right: all the possibilities the Creator has placed in your subconsciousness, your consciousness and your superconsciousness are mobilized. Consequently, you will progress every day because of this willingness to study yourself and see clearly within."


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sun, the - the symbol of God’s unconditional love
"The sun shines, and it shines without caring whether the creatures to whom it sends its rays are intelligent or stupid, good or criminal, deserving of its blessings or not: it sends light to them all without distinction. That is why the sun is said to be the best symbol of divine love.

Consider the most extraordinary beings who have lived on earth: all have had some bias, some preferences and even a few animosities. Even the greatest prophets, the greatest Masters could not quite free themselves from the need to apply the law of justice and punish the wicked, for nothing is more difficult. Only the sun regards humans just as God himself does. It knows that they are divine sparks that will one day return to the bosom of the Eternal. That is why, for over thousands of years, it patiently continues to warm them, enlighten them and vivify them. Doesn’t this make you want to do the same?"


Monday, April 16, 2018

Talking about others - is never without consequence
"People do not realize that by endlessly calling attention to the faults of others, they form a link with these faults, and thereby harm themselves. For there is a law that says, ‘Since you want to correct so and so, you must be rich, so give them half of your wealth.’ Whilst for those who speak well of someone, the law says, ‘By speaking about you in this way, they are increasing your wealth. So, give them some of your treasure.’ It is clear – if you speak ill of others, it is they who profit from it; whereas if you speak well of them, it is you who benefits.

But let’s now say that you are obliged to criticize someone: do not end on that note, add at least one positive word about them. Whatever their flaws, try to find a good quality in them that you can speak of, in order to have a positive effect on them, and on yourself. Never end on a negative note."


Sunday, April 15, 2018

God’s love - we can only feel it if we ourselves love him
"Does God really love us? Even the faithful often ask themselves this question. They will receive an answer only when they themselves begin to love God. God does not need our love, we need to love him. If the great Masters of all religions have taught humans to love God, it is because they knew of a magical law which corresponds in the spiritual realm to that which we can easily see in the physical realm.

For example, when you throw a ball against a wall, the wall sends it back to you. In the mountains, when you call out words to a rock face, their echo will return to you. In the same way, when you send your love to God, it comes back to you amplified from every point in the universe, because God is present throughout the whole universe. God does not need us, but we need him, and it is only through our love for him that we can attract his love in return."


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Make a move - a way for getting out of the worst situations
"You can find everything in this world – heaven, earth, and even hell – and so too in yourself. Only, it is up to you to know where you want to go, how long to stay there, and to leave the dangerous places you have strayed to as quickly as possible.

Imagine that you are invited to a bistro for a drink with some friends: that is no reason to linger there forever. Or, you go for a walk in the forest and set about picking strawberries; this is fine, but think about returning home, or night will fall and you will no longer find your way back. You may have said some unfortunate words that have caused harmful consequences – it is useless to remain there wallowing in remorse: instead, speak other words to make amends. And if you fall into a swamp infested with harmful creatures, do not just shout and say your prayers: hurry to get out of there. These are images to show you that, often, wisdom entails making a move."


Friday, April 13, 2018

Heaven and Earth - achieving their union within us
"When Jesus says in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, ‘May thy kingdom come, may thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…’ not only does he emphasize the bond between heaven and earth, he reveals to humans that their task is to transform, beautify and purify the earth, so that it may one day become like heaven. You might say that this isn’t possible. But it is.

It is true that spiritualists must reach for the heavens, but their work does not end there. They must think to bring the light of heaven, the love of heaven, the power of heaven and the purity of heaven, down into their brain, into their lungs, into their stomach – into their entire body. And so, after years of effort, they will succeed in realising within themselves the union of heaven and earth, of spirit and matter. And once they have achieved this union within themselves, they can also contribute to its realization around them."


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Suicide - arguments to resist this temptation
"Suicide is a grave offence against the life God has given us. I am not referring to quite exceptional circumstances which lead certain people to put an end to their lives in order to save other beings. I am talking about those cases in which men and women, by committing suicide, reveal that they did not know how to put to use all that the Creator has placed in their intelligence, their heart and their will.

Those who have a good understanding of things first of all know that there exists a higher world inhabited by a multitude of wise and loving creatures, and that it is their task to study this world which has left its imprint on the physical world. They also know that feelings and desires are so powerful that, with patience and tenacity, they can make their greatest wishes come true. Finally, they know that the difficulties they encounter are a means of exercising their will. Neither misery, deprivation, sickness or solitude can defeat them, they will prevail."


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spirituality - a sensitive issue for couples
"One cannot prevent a soul from going towards the light, for the soul is a daughter of God, no one has a hold on it. This is an issue that couples need to address. If a man sees that his wife is drawn to spiritual life because she wants to perfect herself, he must happy, and not try to stop her. All the more so because he too will benefit if his wife becomes rich within. And a wife must grant the same freedom to her husband.

Of course, it is never advisable for one of the two to begin neglecting their obligations under the pretext of spirituality. On the contrary, to encourage and convince the other, they must use their intelligence and their heart to maintain harmony, and must not lapse into fanaticism. It is important for a man and a woman who are in a relationship together to be aware of this. With patience, kindness, and tenderness one can help and teach the other, and lead them towards the Creator."


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Physical illnesses - the need to fight them with physical means
"A cure obtained by physicals means (medicine, surgery) may not be permanent, because a problem in the body is often the materialisation of psychic problem – disorders in our thoughts and feelings. To regain one’s health, one must address the causes, in other words, correct something on the psychic plane. Only it can take a long time for the body to feel the positive effects. That is why even if the improvements brought about by physical means are not lasting, one must still have recourse to them to at least temporarily halt the ravages of the illness while working on the psychic plane. To combat an illness that has already taken hold of the physical body, physical means are required.

Spirituality must not serve as a pretext for taking risks with one’s health. And it must be acknowledged that in their approach to illness, materialists often show more common sense than spiritualists."


Monday, April 9, 2018

See clearly - and act accordingly
"Whenever you are faced with a choice, think it over carefully, and once the right direction becomes clear, be decisive and act! If, despite this clarity, you begin to say to yourself, ‘Maybe this will require too much effort. It may not be in my best interest. That way, I will be in favour with so-and-so...’ you open the door to dark forces that will undermine you.

On the psychic as well as the physical plane, nothing is without consequence. Those who look for an excuse not to do what their good judgement or intuition dictates, will eventually lose these qualities. This might surprise you. Yet it is the truth – we cannot continue being able to see which path to follow if, at the same time, we make different excuses to justify following another. How can we retain a faculty if we neglect to use it and act accordingly?"


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ideal of perfection, the - given by Jesus
"In the Gospels, Jesus said, ‘If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain: 'Move from here to there' and it will move.’ Or, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ But how can a human being, who is so weak, move a mountain? And with so many shortcomings, how can a human ever attain the perfection of the heavenly Father? It seems impossible. And so, because they lack understanding, because of their negligence and laziness – yes, especially their laziness – Christians disregard the word of the Gospel. It is so much easier to focus on human weaknesses and imperfections, deluding ourselves that in doing so we are demonstrating lucidity and modesty!

Jesus, however, was not modest. He held the most exalted ambitions for human beings, who are created in God’s image – if they have the will, if they make an effort and they will get closer and closer to the perfection of their heavenly Father. And if they understand what true faith is and how to cultivate it, they will one day move mountains – that is to say all powers will be given to them, but first and foremost, powers over themselves."


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Solar nature, the - of human beings
"Initiatic Science teaches us that the ideal human being, the perfect human being, as created by Cosmic Intelligence in its workshop, is like the sun. This means that everything that emanates from them is of the same quintessence as the light of the sun, but in an etheric state. Therefore, the closer you come to perfection, the more your emanations resemble light. And like light, they spread through space, and those who have developed their sensitivity receive them and benefit from them.

If you strive to take the sun as your model, this same force, this same solar energy will radiate from your brain, your eyes, your mouth, your hands – from your entire body. And, just like light, it will extend its blessings not only to humans, but also to animals, plants, rocks, to all of nature."


Friday, April 6, 2018

Feelings of discontent - do not wait to remedy them
"When feelings of discontent first arise, they are like fluid and malleable matter upon which it is possible to act, provided that we do not wait, because this matter gradually solidifies and ends up resisting any effort to bring about a change.

Let us use an image. You have carelessly stepped in wet cement, and you stand there thinking about something else. The cement will set, and it will even become so hard that you will find yourself trapped; someone will have to get tools to break it apart, and you could be injured. This is how things also present themselves in inner life. If you do not react quickly to certain troublesome feelings, soon it is too late. This psychic matter solidifies and it cannot be ‘broken’ without causing further damage."


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Divine perfection - we must strive towards it
"Throughout the world, men and women are occupied, they bustle about and they struggle, and this is what they call work. Well no. They do not yet know that true work is to strive towards God’s perfection. Every faculty they possess – willpower, heart, intellect, soul and spirit – has been given to them so they may progress along this path of perfection. Until they understand this, the world will continue to present the pitiful spectacle of people using the physical and psychic faculties they received from nature to behave badly and to self-destruct. But tell me, what meaning does such a life hold?

Know that we are called upon to participate in a sublime enterprise. And you will know what it really means to work the day you mobilize all the faculties and forces within you in order to draw closer to the divine model."


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Nature - the lessons it teaches those who fail to respect it
"Nature displays its countless riches to us, but to those who do not respect it, who only seek to selfishly exploit it for their own use, it closes its doors. Yet this is exactly the attitude most humans have toward nature – earth, water, air, the sun, and even other planets. For do you really think that what motivates humans to conquer space is not based on self-interest?

Many will say that they do not care if nature closes its doors to them. Perhaps, but if they continue this way, nature will not simply close itself off to them, it will retaliate. And then, they will have no choice but to understand and change their attitude, which only proves their lack of intelligence, their lack of love, their lack of will, their lack of everything. Lack of intelligence because they refuse to study the laws that govern nature; lack of heart because if they loved the beings that inhabit nature, they would not be so cruel as to destroy them; and lack of will because, for their own pleasure, their own comfort and their financial interests, they always choose the easy solution. Well, nature will teach them a lesson."


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Love is only lasting if human beings link each other to the divine Source -
"Why is it that the love between men and women does not last? Because, instead of linking each other to the divine Source so that they may be continually renewed, they cling to one another and end up depleted. When nothing is left, they are like empty vessels and they reject each other. So think of the man or the woman you love as a precious and unique being, and realize that it is through you that they can become vibrant, beautiful and rich, provided that you link them to the Source, to the heavenly Father, the divine Mother, to all the angelic hierarchies, to the sun and the stars.

Love offers you every possibility. But if, instead of uniting the being you love to heaven, you hang on to them and drain their energy, in time they will go downhill; then your love for them will lessen, and you will suffer. But whose fault is this? You must therefore learn to project this being to great heights so that they can breathe, drink, and nourish themselves. And they must do the same for you. Then, you are no longer merely vessels, you become inexhaustible springs for one another."


Monday, April 2, 2018

Poetry - a quality of inner life
"You like poetry, you read poems, and perhaps even write them. That’s fine, continue to do so, but know that true poetry is not found in literature, true poetry is not something that is written: it is a quality of inner life. You will only truly know what poetry is the day you harmonise your inner life with the images, rhythms and melodies of the world of the soul and spirit.

Those who truly love poetry sense that it must stem from within. They endeavour to think, feel and act poetically by fostering clear and luminous states of consciousness. These states of consciousness create true poetry in them: they are inspired, they feel as though a current is flowing through them, because within they are connected to the world of harmony. And they must do everything possible to maintain these higher levels of consciousness."


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Body of glory, the - the old Adam transformed into Christ
"The law of time is implacable, nothing can withstand it. And just as we can see how a building ages and needs repair, so too do human beings, (represented by this building), and their ‘self’, which also needs to be restored, rejuvenated and enlightened, that is to say rebuilt on a new foundation, with new materials.

‘But how can we rebuild our body?’ you might ask. It is not a question of rebuilding or even rejuvenating the physical body, which we cannot prevent from ageing. But this ageing process must be compensated by the construction of our spiritual body, by means of an immutable matter found very high in the subtle regions. Through meditation and contemplation, we can attract particles of this matter and draw them to us in order to build this new body, called the body of glory. This is what St Paul meant when he spoke of the transformation of the old Adam into Christ."


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Celestial Fire - from which we light our spirit and our soul. Orthodox Easter
"The candles and lamps that are lit in churches are symbols of our spirit and soul, which must light each day with the celestial flame. Once we have lit them, we can also light other spirits and souls around us, just as they do in Orthodox churches on Easter morning. The faithful each hold a candle, and the bishop begins by lighting a candle from which the nearest attending officiate lights theirs. Then, one after the other, each of the faithful lights their candle from the person next to them. It is as if the fire gradually spreads, until the church is filled with a multitude of small flames.

In an initiatic school, we learn not only to set our spirit and our soul alight, but once we have one so, to keep the flame burning so that other spirits and souls may also come and be kindled at our fire."


Friday, March 30, 2018

Blessings of heaven, the - be aware of them in order to receive them and to keep them
"Try to be conscious of the value of those moments of silence and meditation when you receive light or a blessing from heaven. Many human beings suffer because they are not conscious of this. They receive blessings, and even if they happen to feel them, they quickly lose them because they do not know the value of what they have received. They think heaven is always there to pour out its light and love, and when they have nothing more interesting to do, they accept to stop a few minutes to receive them!

But that is not the way it should be. Heaven is not at the disposal of thoughtless and careless people. At certain moments and in certain conditions, it pours out its blessings, and if you are not conscious enough to receive them or do not know how to keep them, too bad for you, you will lose them. So, be careful – the days you feel you have received a revelation or a blessing from heaven, try to hold on to it as something very precious for as long as possible."


Thursday, March 29, 2018

High ideal, a - brings our whole being into harmony with God himself
"Why is it important to hold beauty, light, purity, power, and love as your high ideal? Because this ideal has magical effects: an entire network of energies is woven between you and this ideal. A high ideal activates forces hidden deep within our being; it awakens them and attracts them to itself.

A high ideal serves first as a means of comparison, a yardstick, a model, a sample. But above all it activates the forces of our consciousness and superconciousness. Then, little by little, our mind is enlightened and discovers the path that will lead us to perfection; our heart expands and is filled with love; our will is stimulated and energized. Thus a high ideal brings our whole being into harmony with God himself. For every thought, every feeling, every desire, and every action, we should ask ourselves, ‘Does it bring us closer to our ideal? Or does it distance us from it?’"


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Imperfections - no justification not to work for the kingdom of God!
"People must not use their physical or psychic imperfections as a justification for living mediocre lives. Even the most deprived human beings can acquire a higher state of consciousness which will allow them to work for the good of humanity. Some people might say, ‘But it is not possible! I am neither enlightened nor wise nor powerful. How can I help billions of human beings?’

Obviously, you will not manifest the kingdom of God on earth from one day to the next, but from the moment you begin to think of it and to hope for it, you channel your power and your energy in this direction. This work will first produce effects on you yourself: you will rise higher in yourself, and you will ennoble yourself. And since everything we do is not without consequence, in one way or another you will eventually have a favourable influence on the beings around you. In any case, in the eyes of heaven, you can never justify doing nothing."


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Invisible world, the - access to it requires very high moral qualities
"The possession of psychic powers must never be a goal. With practice, many people can develop a few. But first of all, try to acquire the utmost self-mastery in order to respect the rules of disinterestedness and purity, no matter what. These qualities alone will allow you to make contact with the beings of light and luminous forces of nature.

My duty is to warn all those who, without having studied and acquired great self-mastery, claim to help others by clairvoyance and divination, or to cure their physical and psychic disorders by magnetism, imposition of hands, and so on. Very few people have access to the invisible world to read the past, present and future correctly, or to make contact with the forces and psychic and spiritual beings needed to help others. Why? Because working with these forces and beings requires qualities that are even harder to acquire than those that allow us to work in the physical realm."


Monday, March 26, 2018

Winter - analogies with our inner life
"In wintertime, when the sap retreats into the roots, no one approaches a tree that is lifeless, naked, and without beauty or scent. But in springtime, as the sap begins to rise and the tree becomes covered with leaves and flowers, it attracts birds, insects and walkers, and it is a joy to all. We should ponder this lesson. When people are seen to retreat more and more towards their roots, that is, when they give priority to instincts and greed, we can say they are heading towards winter, spiritually speaking. As they become duller and less alive, those around them start to move away. And since they are the last to understand why, they do nothing about it and just complain.

So remember this: if you let your energies feed mundane, selfish activities and preoccupations, you will just stagnate, because you will descend into winter, with cold and darkness, where all movement ceases. So make every effort to head towards spring."


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Parents - everyone receives those they deserve
"How many people who are dissatisfied with their circumstances, blame their parents for not understanding them, for not providing them with the conditions they needed to flourish, or for setting such deplorable examples. It may be true, but they should not blame them. If they had such parents, it is because they deserved them. Yes, if they had deserved to live in other conditions, they would have had other parents.

A person who has worked in their previous lives to become a musician or a painter of genius is sent by divine Justice to reincarnate in a family which provides the conditions for them to develop their talents. If they deserve to be weak, handicapped or sick, this same Justice sends them to a family that transmits weaknesses and handicap. Parents are only responsible in appearance; they should not be blamed, for they were only doing their job. What a person receives from their parents, they have prepared through their conduct over a long period of time. So if they want to evolve, they should take responsibility and get down to work right away."


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Moral progress - is not proportional to technical progress
"It does not take much to provide for one’s material life, and yet humans are so busy creating new needs for themselves that they no longer have any time to devote to their spiritual lives. As a result, their material comfort gradually improves, but the psychic and moral state of society deteriorates and we see imbalance that was not present before, with criminal behaviour on the increase.

Materially, in the West, we have never been so well off, but in the deepest sense, this ease does not make people happier. After the first moments of satisfaction, it is neither a new car nor a new house that will meet the needs of their soul and spirit. There is no doubt that people are conscious of this decline in society because they spend their time in meetings talking about ‘making changes’. But all the changes they discuss concern only the material realm. Who considers holding meetings to help people live the divine life? That is why, even if business is improving, human beings are in a process of decline. "


Friday, March 23, 2018

Fanaticism - an illusion of believing that the Creator needs to be defended
"There are fanatics in every religion who not only claim to see the Creator’s reputation attacked everywhere they look, but who imagine that it is their mission to defend him. As if God were so weak that he needed to be defended! Well, that’s what they believe. And so they condemn, persecute, and massacre people who are often superior to themselves.

If they were honest, they would ask God’s opinion, and they would hear God, who is love, reply, ‘Do not concern yourself with this, it is not your affair. If they really wish to attack me, they will destroy themselves, and that will be sufficient punishment. Leave them alone. Or you too will offend me and you will be destroying yourself.’ When we truly wish to defend the Creator, we must manifest patience and love, just as he does."


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Stars - their influence
"As the ancient astrologers have taught us, ‘The stars predispose but do not determine.’ Yes