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Past Daily Meditations

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Right of the eldest - in the spiritual realm everyone has it
"In our families on earth, there is always a first-born child, then a second, then a third, and so on, because the physical plane on which we live is governed by the laws of space and time, and there is always an order, a ranking of things. One object follows another, and one person follows another, since they cannot all appear in the same place at the same time.

But in the spiritual realm, in the divine family, human beings are all of equal rank. All are accorded ‘the rights of the first-born’, which means the status of sons and daughters of God. Only those who give priority to their lower instincts lose their dignity as children of God: their father is no longer God (or the Holy Spirit) but the being who, in the Gospels, Jesus calls ‘Mammon’. Therefore, each one of you must be conscious of your divine filiation and work to preserve your rank."


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Existence of God, the - a question which can only be resolved by analogy
"The question of the existence of God can be resolved only by analogy. For example, you have a father who is with you, but he sometimes goes away on trips, and one day he will even go away for good. Does this mean that he no longer exists? No. Even if he is no longer physically present, he is always there, but within you. Because he is your father, he has left indelible imprints within you in the shape of physical or psychic traits, talents, and qualities or even faults.

Well, the same can be said of God: we carry him within us in a spiritual form. Because he created us, he has instilled in us his quintessence. He has left fluidic traces within us and an entire network of filaments which connect us to him, and thanks to which we can find him again. So, for those who allow their inner sight to become dim and their spiritual faculties to turn dull, and who end by saying, ‘God does not exist, for if he existed, and so on’, there is no response, except that God has given human beings the possibility both to bring him to life within themselves or to destroy him."


Monday, February 19, 2018

Money - dedicate it to God so that it may be kept safe
"Do you wish to feel safe? Devote everything to the Lord. Dedicate to him your spirit, your soul, but also your body and even your house and your money. And rest assured, the Lord will not come and take your money to put it in his coffers, but the gesture, simply the thought you have of giving him everything already puts this money in a safe place. And he will then guide you as to what you should do with it. You are the banker, the cashier, and God, who is the owner, will advise you so that this money will never be lost, because it belongs to him.

Why do so many rich people lose their fortune or end up doing bad business? Because they did not first devote their money to God; he is the only one capable of advising them how to use it well."


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vigilance and self-mastery - their necessity in human relationships
"So many complications in life arise because we are impulsive and do not know how to hold our tongue. During a conversation with a boss or a colleague, for example, you are not sufficiently vigilant, and you let a few unfortunate words slip. Well, it’s done, and the relationship is finished, with all the complications that follow. You say you will attempt to make amends, but is this as easy as you think?

Understand, therefore, that it is always better to be watchful and sensible, and to avoid creating disorder, first of all within yourself. We have very little control of the outer world, but in all that we ourselves do, it is possible, if we are conscious and vigilant, to introduce harmony, peace and light. Those who learn to practise patience and self-control every day are able to soothe the conflicts which arise with those around them. Their conduct inspires esteem and friendship in family and acquaintances. It is with attention and self-control that we are most likely to resolve problems."


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love - opens a spring within us
"You have not yet sufficiently experienced the powers of love. Say, for example, you are worried, annoyed or unhappy; well, instead of tormenting yourself or going around complaining and bothering everyone, stay still. Begin by breathing deeply and send a thought with love, then utter a word with love, make a gesture lovingly, and you will begin to realize that what was fermenting and rotting within you is being pushed out and driven very far away. By calling upon love you open up a spring within you and once it has started to flow, you must let it do its work and it will purify everything in its path. It is quite easy – all you have to do is open up your heart and activate love. But you must react straight away and not wait until you are completely submerged in a state of irritation or despondency.

Try it and you will wonder why you have never used this method before. People talk about love, sing about love, laugh and play with love, and so on. But we must now understand that true love is the most effective means for finding salvation."


Friday, February 16, 2018

Heaven’s help - conditions to be met to receive it
"Imagine someone who has never done much work to earn money. And one day they need a large sum of money to build a house, for example. When they ask for a loan at the bank, convinced that a bank has plenty of money and will surely give them what they need, what kind of response will they get?

We all know that on the physical plane such a request is doomed to fail, and yet on the spiritual plane many people expect their application to be granted. They present themselves before the heavenly banks where they lodge their complaints and clamour for miracles, expecting angels and archangels to come down and help them. But what have they ever done to deserve this? Is it enough to recite a few prayers in moments of difficulty for heaven to open its doors, for the sun and all of nature to change their law? If people have never done anything to deserve help from heaven, they will not get it."


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Debts - to be paid in order to continue moving forward
"Just because you have chosen the path of good and light does not mean that your problems will be solved immediately, that all your difficulties will disappear and your road will be free and clear. Do not fool yourselves: as long as you have debts to pay for all the transgressions you have committed in the near or distant past, you will meet with difficulties and suffering. It is only after you have honestly acquitted yourself of your debts that the path will be clear before you.

So, when you are confronted with hardships neither rebel nor succumb to discouragement. Instead, do your best to surmount them. Know that they are necessary and that they must not prevent you from continuing on the path of good and light, and from building your future."


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dangers - how to deal with them
"Often it is not danger itself that frightens us the most, but the panic we feel when faced with it. Thus, if you find yourself in such a situation, before taking action, remain still for a moment. Do not move or speak; close your right hand, and breathe deeply, all the while linking yourself to heaven, and ask for help. By doing so, you will manage to gain control over your cells, and you will then be able to do what is necessary to save yourself. But if you give in to an uncontrolled movement, it is as if you were blowing up a dam: unbridled currents will surge through you, and you will not be able to save the situation. We have known people to throw themselves out of a window in such circumstances, or into a fire.

Faced with danger, remain still for a moment and connect yourself to Providence. You will then feel peace take hold within you – this peace is the essential condition for awakening the forces that will save you. These forces are always present within you, but you must give them the appropriate conditions in which to manifest."


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sight to touch, from - the question of freedom
"Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – our five senses connect us to the world around us. Have you considered the fact that we can hear sounds from a distance and see things at an even greater distance, but to feel and touch things we must get closer to them, and to taste them we must even put them in our mouth? Hearing and sight leave human beings freer, while smell, touch, and taste tend to ensnare them, because they have to come closer to objects and other beings.

But it is often the case that the higher senses – sight and hearing – lead people to the lower senses. Yes, eyes and ears try their utmost to sign contracts with the nose, the mouth, and the hands. For example, a man who marvels at the beauty of a woman and the sound of her voice, will he be satisfied merely to look at her and listen to her? Very often, he will try to get closer to her and breathe her perfume, caress her, and embrace her. But a sage has learnt how to break this contract: he will make greater contact with the subtle side of beings by means of his ears and eyes, and he will be freer."


Monday, February 12, 2018

‘Glory be to you, Lord’ - a commentary
"When I was a young disciple with Master Peter Deunov in Bulgaria, I noticed that he had an intriguing habit. Whatever he was doing, there always came a moment when he stopped, closed his eyes and uttered a few words; then, as if he had retreated to another world, his face expressed something extraordinarily peaceful and deep.

One day I succeeded in deciphering what these words were: ‘Slava na Tébé, Gospodi’, which means ‘Glory be to you, Lord’. I thought that if it were necessary for a great master, who is always so closely connected to the Lord to pronounce his name several times a day, all the more reason for us to do the same. And I wanted to imitate him. Throughout the day, wherever I may be, I am in the habit of saying, ‘Slava na Tébé, Gospodi.’ And you too should think about doing this, in Bulgarian or in French or in English, as you wish. Whether you are at home, in the street or at work, stop for a moment, pronounce these few words, so that no one hears you of course, and you will immediately feel connected to the divine Source of life."


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Faults of others, the - do not justify our own
"A dishonest business person who finds themselves before a tribunal has ended up there because their business has failed. But how are they going to explain this failure? They will tell themselves that they unfortunately neglected to anticipate certain things and that next time they will be more careful. It does not occur to them to question the validity of their activities. After all, since society is governed by the law of the jungle, why should they have any scruples? What is important is not to get caught out.

Well, this argument may seem acceptable to some, but those who wish to make spiritual progress should reject it. We are never justified in doing wrong on the pretext that everyone else does the same. Instead, each one of us should ask ourselves, ‘What exactly am I likely to gain by assuming this point of view, by carrying on with such and such an attitude or behaviour?’, and honestly question ourselves each time."


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spiritual master, a - know what to expect from them
"The spiritual life is a discipline which requires a great deal of time and effort. Therefore, if someone comes along and begins by promising that you will obtain clairvoyance and psychic powers very quickly and easily, be careful. And mistrust them all the more if they ask for money in exchange for such rapid results. For the truth is that money is of no use whatsoever when it comes to spiritual progress.

Your daily efforts to learn self-control, to be considerate of others, and to unite with God through prayer and meditation cost nothing – all this is free. But it is a long process, and as humans are both lazy and impatient to achieve success, they are immediately attracted by someone who promises them miraculous results, even if the price is high. But in this case they should not complain later for having been cheated. When you look for a spiritual master you must know what to expect of them: illusions or truth."


Friday, February 9, 2018

Opinions of others, the - should never make us deviate from the right path
"When you are sure you are on the right path, let nothing convince you to turn back, especially not the opinions of others. Do not forget that above there are other beings who have sent you here, who watch over you, and who assess your conduct. Those who attach such great importance to public opinion that they neglect the opinion of heaven prove they have not understood what is essential in life.

Sometimes, in your desire to serve the forces of good and of light, you can trigger very negative reactions. Those around you – or your family – may be annoyed that you do not consider their opinion, that you prefer the approval of great masters of light. Make every effort to maintain good relations with those around you, but at the same time, persevere in the direction you know to be the best. Sooner or later the others will have to recognize that, in spite of appearances, you were right to choose the path of light."


Thursday, February 8, 2018

God is faithful and truthful - we are the ones who abandon him
"At certain moments in their life believers, even many mystics, have felt as though God had abandoned them. As if it was God who changed towards them. Yes, it is them – they think – who are always steadfast, always unwavering in their faith and love, and God who is fickle!

Sacred scriptures say that God is faithful and true, and although believers repeat these words, they are forever wondering why God does not look at them or listen to them, and why he abandons them. But it is not God who abandons us; it is we who abandon him. In what way? Instead of striving to rise above the clouds, we let ourselves go, we descend, and beneath the clouds it is obviously cold and dark. We must stay high above the clouds where cold and darkness do not exist, for it is here that God dwells, and here that, one day, we too may dwell with him."


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fire, light the - from spirit to the physical plane
"You all know how to light a fire. First you put down a little paper, on top of which you place some dry twigs. And on top of this, you add some larger pieces of wood. Finally, you strike a match and set fire to the paper. The paper sets fire to the twigs, and the twigs set fire to the branches.

Let us now consider human beings with their different bodies: physical, astral, mental and causal. The flame of the match corresponds to the causal plane, the world of spirit, which is the source of all phenomena in the universe. The match sets fire to the paper (the mental plane, the intellect), which sets fire to the twigs (the astral plane, the heart) which in turn sets fire to the larger pieces of wood (the physical plane). Therefore, everything begins on high with spirit, and then, from body to body, the fire finally reaches the physical plane. No true realization is possible on the physical plane unless you began by working with spirit which, from its place on high, provides the impetus."


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Give - and you will never feel alone
"To be sought after, to be loved, depends not on others but on you. So do not complain that you are lonely or that no one loves you. If this is so, tell yourself that it is because you do not know how to bear flowers and fruit. Look at the trees: during winter they are dark and dull, and no one spends time with them. But when they bear flowers and fruit, people, children and lovers are often found among them.

To be lonely is very often the consequence of a deplorable mentality. So many people decide never to produce flowers and fruit, because they have no desire to make efforts for others. As long as they remain without colours, and without flavours or fragrance, they will be lonely and poverty-stricken, both outwardly and inwardly. Is it so difficult to remember to give something every day, however small? Giving is what matters. When we give, we are never alone. "


Monday, February 5, 2018

Pride - a sense of accomplishment
"The disciples of an initiatic school have a duty to fulfil: the duty to transform themselves in such a way that they inspire in those they meet the desire to follow their example. How can people fail to see the beauty of this endeavour? May they finally decide to begin a work upon themselves of which they will one day be proud.

Pride is one of the sentiments least prevalent among human beings today. Are you surprised by this? When we meet people, something in their attitude, in their face, reveals that they are not proud. They might be vain or arrogant, but inwardly we sense that they are not as content or sure of themselves as they try to appear. Pride originates because you feel you have accomplished your task, that you have done all you could do. There is no greater happiness than to leave this earth with a sense of accomplishment."


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Thought - is all-powerful only in the causal plane
"We talk about the power of thought, but thought only has true power in its own region, on the causal plane, that is to say on the higher mental plane. The further thought strays from these heights, the weaker it becomes. Of course, in order to face the problems of everyday life with which they are confronted, humans cannot maintain their thought in these higher regions. They must allow it to descend and to dress itself in thick and coarse garments. Clothed in this way, thought becomes almost unrecognisable and loses its power. Once it descends to the level of the intellect (the lower mental plane) and the heart (the astral plane), it becomes heavy and dull and no longer has the same power of penetration.

If you want your thought to recover its true power, its ability to meditate and to unite you with heaven, make every effort to rise to the causal plane."


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Renunciation - introducing something better as a replacement
"It is true that when everyone around you is demanding sexual freedom and justifying these demands with seemingly valid arguments, you are not particularly happy to hear about self-mastery. I understand that you do not like being deprived of pleasures, but try at least to see what advantages you might gain by renouncing some of them and replacing them with more subtle and more spiritual pleasures.

When a doctor sees that a patient is damaging their health by an excess of meat, sugar and alcohol, they do not advise them to fast. They know very well that their patient would not follow this advice, or even worse, if they were to follow it, they would die. They therefore advise them to replace these foods by others that are healthier and lighter. This is my advice to you too, but in another realm – sexuality. I encourage you to nourish yourself differently so that your spiritual health improves."


Friday, February 2, 2018

‘May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ - a commentary
"When Jesus said in the Prayer ‘Our Father’, ‘May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, he meant that we should create a connection, a circulation of energies between heaven and earth, until the harmony, order and beauty up above are firmly established on our earth, that is, within ourselves first. When Jesus talked about ‘the earth’, he did not mean the earth outside of humans; he meant that we are also this earth, and that we should establish the kingdom of God within us first.

Anyone who tries to impose the kingdom of God in the world would have to admit it is useless; they would instantly fail because of the anarchic and violent side of human beings. Divine order cannot be imposed from the outside. Only once the kingdom of God is established within us, will it also come about in the world. Therefore, it is our responsibility to work and establish within ourselves the order and harmony from above."


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Life - is in fact an alternation of life and death
"What we call life is in fact an alternation of life and death. Yes, when we wake up in the morning, we are born on the physical plane, but we die on the astral plane. When we go to sleep at night, we die on the physical plane, but are born on the astral plane.

In the same way, when human beings come to earth, they are born here, but they die in the other world: they are received here with cries of joy and music, but on the other side they attend their burial. Conversely, when humans die here, they are accompanied to their grave by funeral marches, tears, and mourning clothes, while on the other side they are welcomed joyfully, and those who receive them exclaim, ‘At last, they have returned!’ Obviously, the person who has led the life of a criminal on earth does not receive such a warm welcome there. In the same way, it sometimes happens that certain children are not happily welcomed here by their parents. But these are special cases. The law itself remains implacable: what is ‘life’ in one realm is ‘death’ in another, and vice-versa."


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Celestial beings - vibrate in unison with them to receive their messages
"If you wish to create a connection between yourself and an object or another being you must harmonize your vibrations. This is a law of physics and the principle of the radio is based on this law. Initiates, who have known this law far longer than the physicists of today, have always understood that this law applies not only in the physical plane, but in the psychic and spiritual planes as well. Through concentration, reciting formulas, wearing certain clothes or even a mask, the Egyptian initiates for instance managed to identify with the gods Osiris and Horus, and so on. They momentarily became the incarnation of these deities because they managed to vibrate at exactly the same frequency. And these sublime beings really manifested themselves through them.

It is, in fact, not really necessary to wear certain clothes or masks. If you learn to live and work according to the rules of Initiatic Science, you will vibrate in unison with the celestial beings, with the angels, the archangels and the divinities, and you will receive their messages and be blessed with their love and light."


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Universal panacea, the - light, love and the life of the sun
"The sun is not only a star that shines in the sky, regulating the days and seasons throughout the year. The sun is intelligence, as shown by its light; it is love, an impetus toward all that is good and constructive; it is life, spiritual, pure life. The sun implies great science, and it is this science that is the universal panacea. That is why it is not enough just to be in contact with the physical sun: the important thing is to touch, on a higher level, the three principles of light, warmth and life.

The true universal panacea – the drink that is said to be capable of healing all ills – was not invented, as we imagine, by some alchemist. To obtain it, we must prepare it ourselves by learning to nourish ourselves with the purest food. And these foods are not limited to those we eat to maintain our physical body: they are also feelings to nourish our astral body; and our heart and thoughts to nurture our mental body, the intellect. To prepare the universal panacea is to endeavour to give our physical body, our heart and our intellect food made of elements that are like those of the life, warmth and light of the sun."


Monday, January 29, 2018

Brotherhood - we must work for its coming
"The time has passed when human beings were advised to live a solitary life in order to evolve and earn their salvation. We are now entering the era of brotherhood. Humans must no longer erect barriers among themselves, but must walk together, side by side, to form a universal brotherhood on earth, in which all beings will form one vast family. When this is accomplished, frontiers will fall, and instead of wasting enormous sums of money protecting themselves from others, all nations will live in abundance and peace.

These are the ideas that inspire the teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood. This is why our ideal is to perfect ourselves not only for ourselves but for the good of all. Our ideal is to advance together bound by this love that God has willed for all human beings. Our ideal is to live in harmony because only in harmony can all blessings be found."


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Image of God, the - which we should seek in every human being
"Try to understand me when I tell you that I look for the divinity which lives in every man and every woman, and try to do as I do. It is by behaving in this way that we show our respect for the works of God.

Because I admire the wisdom of the Lord, I sense something infinitely beautiful and precious in every being which deserves to be considered and loved. Too bad if some of you make fun of my attitude and think that I live in a world of illusion! On the contrary, I know that I live in true reality, in fact the only reality. So I advise you to live in this reality too. Since God has created humans in his image, by seeking the divinity in each man and in each woman, not only do we show the Lord our faith and our love, but we also intensify his presence within us."


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hand, the - a magical instrument
"Our hands are like antennae; they can not only pick up but can also project currents of energy in space. Some people will say, ‘But it’s magic!’ Yes, everything we do is magic, especially what we do with our hands. And true magi are those who consciously know how to use their hands to receive or project currents or forces, to retain or direct them, increase or decrease them. It is the Creator who endowed our hands with such powers and it is up to us to become white magicians who work only with the forces of light.

Some of our everyday gestures carry a trace of this ancient knowledge concerning our hands and their power. For example, what do people do everywhere in the world when they meet each other or part? They raise their hand in greeting or shake hands. The hand is thus used as a means of transmission and reception between human beings. That is why you must be especially careful to give only good things through your hands."


Friday, January 26, 2018

Identification - the only way to not lose what we possess
"You can lose only what does not really belong to you, what has not become fully a part of yourself. At one moment you believe, and the next you doubt; at one moment you are enlightened, and the next you are in darkness; at one moment you love, and the next you love no longer. This means that neither faith, nor light, nor love belong to you. For them to belong to you, you yourself have to become faith, light, and love.

When Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world’, he identified with light. He did not say that the light was in him, or with him, but that he was the light. There is an entire science in these words which we must meditate on and put into practice in every aspect of our inner life. We can lose many things that belong to us on the physical plane. But that which is us, that which has merged and fused with our being, and become flesh and blood in us, cannot be lost."


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fruit, a - how it can teach us about love
"What can fruit teach us about love? To simplify, let us say that a fruit is made up of three elements: the skin, which we discard most of the time; the flesh, which we eat; and the stone, which we pla

nt. You might ask, ‘What is the link with love?’ It is very simple. A man or a woman offers you their love and you accept it; that is you eat it and drink it, without any kind of sorting process. And then of course, some time later, tragedy strikes. Why? Because you have not understood the lesson of the fruit. The love of a man or a woman inevitably contains some elements that would have been better to have left aside.

When you are offered love you must remember that it will always contain elements that need to be discarded (let’s say symbolically, the skin), others you can take (the flesh), and finally one you must plant in your soul (the stone). Because even if the flesh of this fruit is succulent, it is better to know what tree will grow from it. When you know the exact nature of this tree, you will know if you can believe in that love and get involved."


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Efforts - always give results
"None of your efforts are lost; even if, for now, you are not successful, everything you try to achieve remains an acquisition for later. One day all the efforts you have made will ask heaven to bring them to fruition, and heaven will agree, because that is the law.

So do not waste your time in unnecessary comparisons by thinking, ‘So and so does not do very much, they succeed in everything, while I exhaust myself in vain at work.’ In reality, these people who seem to you unjustly privileged have made much effort in their past lives. They seem to you to succeed easily, and so much more than you; but they deserve it thanks to their past efforts. No success is possible if one has not already learned and worked. Everything is a matter of effort and time. So, be content to be sincere and persevering: the forces of nature will one day contribute to your success, for they are faithful and true."


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Consciousness - a screen on which the manifestations of our different bodies are projected
"For millions of years, human beings have worked to accumulate the elements with which they have been able to form their physical, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic bodies. Thanks to these different bodies, humans are connected to all regions in the universe, from the most luminous to the darkest, and which are projected on the screen of their consciousness, much like the screen in a cinema.

On this screen, images are successively projected, expressing something of their lower, obscure and selfish nature (the physical, astral and mental bodies), or of their higher, luminous and disinterested nature (the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies). A person who is lucid can sometimes see that, by their thoughts, wishes or desires, they have stirred up a swamp. And if they succeed in touching heaven, splendours appear before them and they learn. Thus they ‘become conscious’, as they say, of the reality of the worlds they inhabit."


Monday, January 22, 2018

Science and religion - must coexist in human beings in order to coexist in society
"Just as religion has never been able to annihilate science, science will never be able to wipe out religion, because they are founded on identical laws. There is neither division nor contradiction between the two. Divisions and contradictions exist only in the minds of ignorant people who do not know how God created the universe. Science properly understood can help believers concentrate on what is essential, and religion properly understood gives science its true dimension. Each has its specific function, and within every human being, must coexist both a person of faith and a scientist.

Yes, if science and religion are to cease waging war in society, they must first call a truce in each human being, because it is here that the ravages are greatest. When a person of faith opposes a scientist – and vice versa – they believe they are attacking an adversary exterior to themselves. Not at all! They are attacking themselves."


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Obstacles - only ask for light to remove them
"So many people who claim to be working for an ideal mistakenly believe that heaven will support them in any endeavour whatsoever. Mountainous obstacles may stand in their way, but they do not – or refuse to – see them. They set out blindly, persuaded that God will be so amazed at their good plans that he will level those mountains. No, the Lord does not level mountains for those who are imprudent and presumptuous. He does not remove the obstacles by magic, he can only give them light.

Light is therefore the only thing we have to ask for. It is light which will enable us to find the right paths, to avoid traps and precipices, and to have the power to complete our undertakings, even the most arduous."


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Celestial Entities - how to welcome them
"Cosmic Intelligence constantly sends cohorts of angelic beings through space to enlighten humans, to help them and strengthen them. You may wonder why you do not receive their help, why you do not feel anything. It is because, through your weaknesses and bad habits, you have gradually formed a shell around you, one that is impermeable to these celestial forces. The only way to break this shell is to undertake a work of cleaning and purification. Every day, be aware that by not giving in to a vice or harmful habit, you are inwardly opening a door to the beings of light.

Since so many friends from the invisible world want to help you, why stop them? Clear the path a little, remove things lying around here and there, open up your heart and soul to them by saying, ‘Welcome, spirits of light, I need you, come into my home.’"


Friday, January 19, 2018

Strength of spirit, the - our only strength
"Spiritual teaching says we should not spend our lives looking for powers on the outside – powers, in fact, we will never truly possess – because anyone, at any time can come and take them away from us. It is far better to work to hold these powers within us, because then no one else will have access to them. This is what we should focus on and work on, because true power lies in this being who lives, thinks and acts within us – spirit. It is spirit who decides, who has the materials available and who undertakes the construction work, using what is good and getting rid of what is defective or harmful. All the rules and methods given by the initiates are intended to promote the complete, perfect, and absolute manifestation of this principle in us which controls everything and has access to everything.

As Master Peter Deunov said, ‘Niama sila kato silata na douha, samo silata na douha é sila bojia’– ‘There is no power like the power of spirit, only the power of spirit is divine Power’. We must seek out the true power that lies in spirit, in the deep insight and the authority of spirit."


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Evil - is merciless for those who do not take its side
"If you truly want to take up the path of good you must be aware that you will not be able to escape attack from evil. Because evil is what it is, it will continue to see you as its enemy and you will not convince it to change its nature – whatever you do, it will fight you. Evil only spares those who have sided with it: it protects them and rocks them to sleep so that they remain under its influence as long as possible. But if, on the other hand, you refuse to put yourself at its service, then you arouse its hatred. You may say this is awful. But it is in fact thanks to this hatred that you will go far.

For all the great initiates, evil was implacable, and those who knew how to interpret events could see in it a clear sign. Because only those who have been hated by evil to the very last are worthy of receiving the supreme Initiation. Those who did not understand, pity them, ‘Oh, the poor soul; how unkind fate has been to them.’ But those who understand, rejoice and say, ‘They are destined to reach great heights.’"


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sexuality - a subject where there is no single rule for all humans beings
"It is possible to instruct and advise human beings on matters of sexuality, but with the clear understanding that such questions can only be truly resolved in relation to each individual. It is unreasonable to try to impose the same rules on everyone in the name of morality, because the same discipline that helps some attain balance and true spirituality may, on the contrary, drive others into repression, hysteria, and neurosis. Human beings do not all have the same needs, and someone who does not realize this risks either preaching in the desert or inflicting needless torment.

This is not to say, however, that you need make no effort whatsoever. On the contrary, each of you, on your own level, must strive to master your sexual energy so that your love will be nobler, more beautiful, and more spiritual. This is the only true rule of sexual morality."


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Harmony - is necessary to be able to draw lessons from our everyday experiences
"Human beings learn through experience and above all they learn from unhappy experiences. Not one of us is spared such experiences. So the true work we can undertake is to stop and draw lessons from every experience in our daily life. We will then be able to progress much further along the path of wisdom, equilibrium and peace.

But how many of us are able to learn from these experiences? Some people have the same unhappy experiences over and over but they learn nothing and do nothing, or very little, to expel the noise and chaos that reign within. Of course they suffer and of course they are not proud of being in this situation, but they are used to living their lives like this and have resigned themselves to it. Well now is the time to free themselves from this state. And they will emerge from it if, every day, they make the effort to seek harmony: to love and to desire harmony, to introduce it into every movement, every word, and every glance. It is this state of harmony which will enlighten them on all their experiences and which will give them the means to draw lessons from them."


Monday, January 15, 2018

Sacred books, the - their understanding requires self-discipline
"The sacred books are the work of exceptional beings who, through prayer, meditation, and contemplation, succeeded in attaining the world of sublime truths. To understand these works, we must be able to vibrate on the same wavelength as these great beings and to follow the same path as they have. And in order to do this we must begin by adopting their way of life, because everything is contained in the way we live. It is their way of life that has enabled the prophets, the initiates, and the great masters to come closer to the divine world.

Do not worry about understanding the Bible or other sacred books right away, because they are often difficult to read. But at the same time, work on yourself; impose a discipline on your life which will bring you closer to the world of spirit. Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.’ Without this contact with Spirit, which one can obtain only through true asceticism, no understanding of the sacred books is possible."


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lower self and higher self - their relationship and the image of a tree
"If some of the behaviour of human beings cannot be explained, it is because the relationship that exists in every human being between the lower nature and the higher nature is not understood. That is why you may see people who have been models of morality and virtue for years, suddenly fall prey to uncontrolled passions and succumb to all kinds of excesses. And conversely, there have been criminals or debauched individuals who suddenly choose to go down the path of goodness, of sacrifice, or of holiness.

This is where the tree can provide us with an explanation. The branches of the tree are connected to the roots: as the branches grow longer and thicker, the roots also push deeper and deeper into the ground. Well, in human beings, as in trees, the very top is connected with the very bottom and vice versa. For those who are unaware of this and have not studied how the connection between the top and the bottom operates, many phenomena of psychic life will remain impossible to control or even to understand."


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fire - its different aspects
"It was in a burning bush that God first appeared to Moses, and in most religions fire is the most powerful and revered divinity. But the fire celebrated in these religions and cosmologies is not the physical fire we know. This fire, which we kindle for the light or warmth of its flame, is only one aspect of universal fire.

There are many kinds of fire: the fire that maintains life in the heart of man, the fire that slumbers at the base of the spine, the fire of the sun, the fire of hell, the fire concealed in minerals, metals, wood, water, air and so on. Fire in itself is neither luminous nor hot; it becomes so only under certain conditions, and this is why its origin remains a great mystery to us."


Friday, January 12, 2018

Objects of everyday life - how to consider them
"Why make a distinction between sacred and profane objects? There are several rooms in your house or apartment, and in these rooms there are all sorts of objects. If you have put them there it is because they are useful to you, or because you like to look at them, and you interact with them every day. So, why not consider consecrating these objects? If you dedicate them to the good, to the light, they will have positive effects on both you and your family.

And once they are consecrated, you must use them with the utmost care, because the way you treat them will also reflect on you. Even though this idea is unfamiliar to you, know that the way in which you consider objects, can transform many of them into magical agents linked to heaven, and the energy circulating through them will be of great benefit to you."


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mountain summit, the - symbol of the spiritual goal to be attained
"The image of a summit is one of the most significant representations of our spiritual development. The summit is the goal to be attained, the most elevated point upon which we must fix our sights and toward which we must direct all our energies. This is why it is important for us to pay attention to all that summits, and particularly mountains, symbolize.

For mountains can be much more than places we go to breathe pure air, relax, or engage in sports – they also have their place in spiritual exercises. Whenever you have the opportunity, try to make contact with mountain peaks. Even if you live far away from them, raise your hand towards them, greet the beings living there, and ask that you may enter into their purity and light. In this way, you will learn to form connections with the summits of the highest mountains on earth, and you will receive the best nourishment for your soul and spirit from them."


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Physical body, our - should become the temple of our spirit
"Our spirit is an immortal spark issued from the bosom of the Eternal. All the powers and all the knowledge of the Creator are contained in it, and if it cannot manifest these powers and knowledge, it is because it is restricted by the opaque matter of our physical body. But that is no reason to despise our body, like some ascetics or hermits. God has designed our body using great knowledge and wisdom. It is the greatest instrument we have been given, and if we are able to work on it every day to purify and refine its matter, we give it the capacity to vibrate in harmony with spirit.

People who despise and neglect their body, like those who seek only to derive sensual pleasures from it, are mistaken. Only if we understand that our body’s mission is to manifest all the splendours of spirit and to become the living temple of spirit one day, only then are we on the right path. How can people imagine that the body God has given us has only one purpose, that of opposing spirit, or of extinguishing the flame of spirit, the very flame that makes us sons and daughters of God?"


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Suffering - black ink from which we can draw the most beautiful colours
"Human beings cannot transform themselves if they rebel against the conditions of their life, and if they seek to avoid suffering. I am not saying that you should not look for remedies to relieve your suffering. But at the current stage of development of the earth and of human evolution we cannot avoid suffering. The earth is like a reformatory and a training school at the same time. When humans know how to deal with suffering, they trigger hidden forces that become sources of wealth for them.

Those who do everything in their power to avoid suffering remain in poverty – they are like an artist who has no paints for their paintings. On the contrary, those who have suffered can use all the pain they have experienced to give colour, relief and depth to their life. All those who have accomplished great things in life have suffered a lot. From the black ink of their suffering, they were able to draw the most beautiful colours."


Monday, January 8, 2018

‘Work with love’ - what it means
"Let the spring of love flow within you. Through your thoughts, your feelings, your wishes, your words, let it gush forth over all the creatures and objects around you and beyond, on the trees, the mountains, the oceans. Even if you are by yourself, remember to utter words of peace, of hope and of joy for all human beings on earth, knowing that these words will have an effect somewhere, no matter where. You do not yet know what it is possible to achieve with love.

And since we can only give to others what we possess ourselves, try first to establish harmony and light within you, and then, once you feel you have succeeded in making this harmony and light real within you, in your heart and your soul, project them into space. This is what working with love is all about: becoming a beneficial presence for the entire world."


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Music of the spheres, the - symphony of the planets in space
"Each hour of the day is influenced by a planet and the beings who inhabit it. So, each hour that goes by brings with it beings who work on plants, minerals, animals and human beings. And since each planet is associated not only with a specific colour but also with a specific sound, the symphony of sounds varies with each hour of the day.

The planets sing in space when they dance around the sun, and we are immersed in this music, called ‘the music of the spheres’. It is a great privilege to be able to hear a few bars of this symphony of the planets. Each one is connected to an angelic hierarchy. This is how, animated by the choir of angels, the universe breathes and nourishes itself."


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Celestial entities - their presence around us
"Try to cultivate this consciousness of divine life which penetrates all things, and you will sense the presence of angelic beings around you. These beings manifest every time you experience moments of great spiritual intensity. Certain mystical emotions, certain qualities of silence, certain vibrations in the atmosphere of a room in which you have just been praying and meditating; all these are manifestations of angelic beings. You say that you cannot see them. But can you see your thoughts, your feelings, or your life? No, but you do not doubt their existence; their manifestations and the effects produced in you are proof enough.

What we see is never more than the outer shell of things. The essence is always invisible. So you may not see the angels, but you will sense their presence, and this sensation of their presence is something you cannot doubt. This is what life is: vibrations and currents that circulate throughout space."


Friday, January 5, 2018

Future, our - depends on a consistent orientation
"When you decide to start a project, be aware that you shape your future every day, every hour, and even every second. When you have a good thought, or a good feeling, this sets you instantly on the path of light. But if a few minutes later a person or an incident triggers a selfish, unjust thought, or a feeling of anger, or a desire for revenge, your orientation changes, and you veer towards darkness. And even if on the physical plane, no change can be seen immediately – as these thoughts and feelings do not have time to materialize – something has changed in the higher regions, in the direction you are taking.

When a switchman pulls a lever, the train changes tracks. Well, that is what people do every day, sometimes a hundred or a thousand times a day: once in the right direction, once in the wrong direction – they change tracks. Since everything is recorded, each of these changes is recorded too. If they do not produce anything permanent on the physical plane, it is because they neutralize each other. Do you want to one day live only in the light? Then make sure your determination remains unchanged and hold on to it without faltering."


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Idea, an - is a living entity which connects us to its friends
"An idea is not an abstract concept as many people believe; in fact it is a living being of great intelligence endowed with its own particular virtues. That is why, when you work for a divine idea, it acts on you immediately, bringing you everything it possesses. This idea, which dwells in the world of light, not only introduces you to other regions, and other beings; it puts you in contact with all its friends.

It is said, ‘Seek the kingdom of God and his Justice and all the rest will be given to you’. You wonder what could be the link between the kingdom of God and ‘all the rest’? Why ‘all the rest’? Simply because the idea of the kingdom of God connects you to many other ideas vibrating in unison with it. Gradually, these ideas come to know you, and as each one possesses a piece of land here, a dwelling there, all their wealth comes your way. Simply because of one idea, you receive every blessing, because on high everything is connected."


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Silence - is life and fulfilment
"True silence is not only an absence of noise, true silence is neither empty nor mute. On the contrary, true silence is plenitude, it is alive, vibrant, it talks and sings.

You may wonder how you can hear this silence. You will hear it only once the big bass drums – our passions, our emotions and our chaotic thoughts – stop beating within us. There is much work to do, requiring a lot of patience and mastery of our psychic life. One day, when all our inner storms have abated, silence will come and wrap us in its splendid coat. Then clarity will emerge and we will sense something very powerful reigning and presiding over the world: the great primordial silence from which creation stems and to which it will one day return."


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Divine image, the - we must create within ourselves
"Every day, try to create within you an image that embraces all perfections, and by nourishing it, by reinforcing it, you will gradually feel how it can permeate your psychic matter and transform you. It requires persistent work over a period of time, but once you have succeeded in creating this divine image within you, everywhere you go it will influence all creatures in a beneficial way. Human beings, but also animals, plants and stones benefit from your presence because wherever you go, rays, forces and vibrations emanating from you bring order, balance and harmony.

So many people wish to be loved and admired and they do everything they can to make it happen. But unfortunately, they only make these efforts outwardly. To be loved, we must change our vibrations, make them more subtle and harmonious, and this is possible only if we have created an image of divine perfection within ourselves as an ideal to be achieved."


Monday, January 1, 2018

Light - food for our brain
"All human beings eat, drink and breathe, and in doing so they are in contact with the elements of earth, water, and air and are nourished by them. But they haven’t yet learned how to nourish themselves with the fourth element: fire, light. And yet light is even more vital than air because it feeds our brain. Yes, our brain too wants to eat, and light is its food. It is light which awakens certain faculties and enables us to access the divine world. You might say that by eating, drinking and breathing we nourish our whole body, including our brain. This is true, but as long as we are content to nourish our brain only with solid, liquid, and gaseous particles, which are not the elements we need most, many realities of the subtle words will remain unknown to us.

Tradition has it that one day Zarathustra asked the God Ahura Mazda how the first man nourished himself, and Ahura Mazda replied, ‘He ate fire and drank light.’"


Sunday, December 31, 2017

First day of the year, the - sets the tone for the days to come
"Here comes another new year! So, be vigilant, and strive to spend the first day of the New Year in the best state possible, because this first day is as important for the rest of the year as the moment of birth is for the rest of your life.

The life of every human being is marked by the planetary influences in effect at the moment of their birth, and this is the reason for horoscopes: the course of a life retains the imprint of the influences that were present at this first moment. To a lesser degree, the first day of the year influences the days to come. This is why we should be attentive and live this first day in light, love and harmony. Every hour of the day – through prayer, meditation, song, and especially good thoughts and good feelings – try to retain luminous impressions which will have a positive influence on all the days of this year."


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Future, the - we must work towards: eternity
"Because they put money in the bank, buy stocks and shares, take out life insurance, and so on, many people think they are working for their future! But what do they call the future? Human beings’ real future is not the thirty, forty, or fifty years they have yet to spend on earth, or even the duration of their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. This future for which they believe they are preparing themselves is too near because it will so soon be their present, and this present will soon become their past. Thus, their work is a waste of time.

All the events that will unfold in your current lifetime still belong to the present. This future you need to think of creating is infinity, eternity."


Friday, December 29, 2017

Kingdom of God - is firstly a state of consciousness
"Do not wait for the kingdom of God as you would a political or social organisation that comes to impose itself on earth. The kingdom of God is first and foremost a state of consciousness, a way of living and working. That is why it cannot be realised on the physical plane until it is first realised in our thoughts. Once realised in our thoughts it will descend into the heart, into our feelings, and it is then that it can finally be expressed in our actions. For such is the order of manifestation in matter: thought – feeling – action.

One day the kingdom of God will manifest tangibly on earth, but first it must enter the thoughts and feelings of human beings. And we can see that the process has already begun. Thousands of men and women in the world nourish within themselves the ideal and love of the kingdom of God; there are many more than you may think. And in some of them, in their conduct and their way of life, the kingdom of God has in fact already come about; and even if we don’t know them, it is with them that we are working."


Thursday, December 28, 2017

True face - we will rediscover it when we return to the house of the father
"It is said in the Book of Zohar that the face of the first human was identical to that of the Creator. Later on, when the spirit of rebellion had awakened in them (a process symbolized by the serpent wrapped around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), they left Paradise where they had lived in the light. They descended into the denser regions of matter where they experienced cold, darkness, sickness and death, and their faces changed.

Now that they are no longer the faithful image of God, human beings have lost their power. The spirits of nature no longer obey them and instead take pleasure in tormenting them. But they must strive to find this primordial face again and, when they do, all the spirits of the universe will submit to them once more. Until then they will continue to resemble the prodigal son of the Gospel parable who, having left his father’s house to travel the world, ends wretchedly as a swineherd. But this prodigal son finally concludes that he should return to his father’s house. And one day humans will also finally understand that they must return to the Source – to the light, love and life of the heavenly Father – in order to rediscover their true face."


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Right path, the - human beings must choose it in all consciousness and freedom
"The Creator has left his creatures free, and it is their responsibility to understand the direction they must follow in order to find peace, joy and the light. You will say, ‘But why? Wouldn’t it be better if God imposed himself on human beings and dictated the behaviour?’ No, it is they who must make some efforts to understand where their interest lies and become conscious of the reason for choosing such and such a direction or making one choice rather than another. They have to be truly convinced, otherwise they will be like the cattle that the ploughman spurs to force them to plough perfectly straight furrows.

What would we gain if we were pushed against our will to follow the path of the good and light? Not much, and we would constantly have to start everything over again. That is why the Creator and celestial spirits leave human beings free; it is they who must understand and feel which path is the best for them. "


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Human body, the - an analogy with the great pipe organs in cathedrals
"If you place a metal or glass pipe above a flame, the heated air will vibrate and produce a sound. And depending on the length of the pipe, the sound emitted is lower or higher. Well, by analogy, we can say that the same phenomenon exists in human beings. Because we too are made of pipes: the spinal cord, throat, oesophagus, intestines, arteries, veins, the nervous system, and so on. And again these pipes can be longer or shorter. When the flame that burns within us – meaning the fire that keeps us alive – passes through these pipes, an extraordinary music is heard, similar to the great pipe organs in cathedrals.

A human being thus emits sounds in space and they can be heard and picked up by other beings. Obviously, if this vital energy is not equitably distributed in all the organs of the body, or if it is blocked, a terrible cacophony will result. But I am not really talking about the physical plane. It is mostly on the psychic plane that it is important for humans to succeed in organizing, purifying and enlightening their lives, and then their whole being will emit harmonious sounds. It will be such a symphony that angels and archangels will draw near to listen and be filled with wonder."


Monday, December 25, 2017

True magic - live and breathe the divine life
"Every day we must work to make our lives purer and more intense, for it is this life which will work the highest form of magic on our hearts, souls and minds, on the entities and the forces of nature, and even on physical objects.

What good does it serve to come to earth and lead a mediocre life? To eat, drink, sleep, work a little to earn a living, and have a few amorous adventures from which to emerge more or less shattered – what is all this compared to an eternity of splendour which awaits those who learn just one thing: how to live? If initiates are balanced, happy and at peace, it is because they have worked to purify their lives, and to render them beautiful and powerful. They have understood that true magic is found in life itself and nowhere else. Yes, to be able to live and breathe the divine life, to encourage others, to stimulate then, to reawaken them and ennoble them is the highest form of magic there is."


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Birth of Christ - the birth of a new consciousness in human beings
"What do we celebrate at Christmas? The union of the soul and spirit. They unite to give birth to a seed which is the beginning of a new consciousness within us. This consciousness manifests as an inner light that dispels all darkness, just like heat of such intensity that, even if the whole world abandons us, we never feel alone, like an abundant life that bursts forth wherever our feet take us. This consciousness is also accompanied by an influx of forces that we wish to consecrate to the edification and construction of the kingdom of God. At the same time, we also discover the extraordinary joy of feeling ourselves connected to the whole universe and to all evolved souls, of being part of this immensity, and we are certain that no one can take this joy from us.

In India, this state is called buddhic consciousness, and the Christians call it the birth of Christ. "


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Marriage - in the spiritual life there is never a sterile marriage
"In their psychic and spiritual lives, human beings are not uniquely men or women as they are on the physical plane. The mystic who contemplates divinity is like a woman who wants to receive a spark, a seed from God. He devotes himself to the light of God; he opens himself to it, changes polarity and then receives this seed in his soul. He carries it within him for a long time in order to give birth in the world to a divine child. In the spiritual realm, a man, like a woman, can conceive and give birth to a child. In the same way, if a woman devotes herself to the service of God also learns to change polarity, she becomes active and emissive; through her spirit, she can unite with the universal Soul and give it form.

There are no barren marriages in the spiritual life, but only on the condition that men and women may learn about the laws of polarity."


Friday, December 22, 2017

Breathing - entering into cosmic harmony
"Breathing reveals great mysteries to those who know how accompany it with thought. Here is an exercise you can do. When you breathe air in, imagine that all the currents in space converge towards you, towards your ego which is like an imperceptible mark, the centre of an infinite circle. Then, when you breathe out, imagine you are able to expand out towards the periphery of this circle, to the end of the universe. Once again, you contract and you expand outwards. You will discover this ebb and flow that is the key to all rhythms in the universe. In becoming aware of this movement, you will enter into cosmic harmony and exchanges take place between you and the universe: when breathing in you receive elements from space, and when breathing out you in return project something of your heart and soul.

The day you understand breathing in its spiritual dimension, you will want to dedicate your entire life to breathing the light of God in, and then to sending this light out again to all beings."


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter - what it represents in our psychic life
"Spring, summer, autumn and winter – each season corresponds to events in our psychic life, and it is winter that symbolizes life’s difficulties. In winter, all the forces in plant life descend and concentrate in the roots where they carry out a great work. The roots correspond to the subconscious in us. In winter, that is in periods of difficulty, suffering or solitude, our forces withdraw inside us, into our subconscious. But they do not remain inactive.

To live in winter is certainly difficult, but it is during winter that spring is prepared; soon everything will turn green and blossom again. We must simply be patient and wait for the currents to rise once again into our consciousness and superconsciousness. But in order to facilitate this process, certain laws must be understood: during this cold period, you must neither complain, rebel, nor become discouraged, but simply light the fire within you, and blow on it to rekindle your own heart and the hearts of all other beings. "


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Love for one’s family - go and find nourishment in the divine world
"In order to meet the needs of their family, some fathers are forced to leave and work abroad to earn money. Although it may appear as if they are abandoning their family, they do this to help them, and it requires great courage for them to make such decisions. And when they return, what joy the family experiences!

Let us transpose this example onto the spiritual plane. A real father, and a real mother understand that they must ‘abandon’ their family every day for at least a few moments in order to ‘go abroad’, which means to meditate, to pray, to reach the divine world where they will gain wealth. And when they return, the whole family will benefit. Contrary to what many people think, to love one’s family does not mean to keep one’s thought constantly fixed upon it. This is not what true love is. What does this sort of love bring in? Not very much... Those who really love their family consecrate a few moments, as often as possible, in order to unite with heaven, because they know that this link will bring true wealth to their family."


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Spirituality - vital necessity for human beings
"To show an interest in and an understanding of the various forms of spirituality is perfectly acceptable. What is dangerous, however, is to dissipate oneself, to fail to choose one method of inner work in which to engage oneself. The question is not whether we should be Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, or nothing at all. The point – and it concerns each one of us, whether we believe or not – is to settle on a few essential spiritual truths and put them into practice.

Spirituality is not an optional realm that we can choose or not, as we do with other disciplines such as languages, art, sports, and so on. Given the structure of human beings, spirituality is a vital necessity for them. Until they become conscious of this necessity, they throw themself into activities that are useless and dangerous, both for themself and for others. Their structure is such that they need to find daily nourishment for their soul and their spirit."


Monday, December 18, 2017

Prayer - connecting with a centre of light
"It is not always easy to concentrate your mind in prayer and unite with God. So do not become discouraged and impatient. Instead, try to use the following method: imagine, far away in space, a living, vibrating centre emitting rays of light radiating in all directions to nourish the celestial entities and the many creatures in the universe. This image will direct your thoughts towards the place where the divine presence manifests itself most intensely and you will feel that your prayer is echoed.

The initiates and the great masters are in constant contact with this centre of light and their thoughts generate power currents in the invisible with which we can associate ourselves so that we may feel in communion with the Lord."


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Experiences - which you must favour
"Most people acknowledge that they need to live in harmony, peace and light. But when they are told what they need to do to achieve it, they become more reticent: they feel they must first taste all the pleasures, and experience everything life has to offer in order ‘to know life’. How can they imagine that having wasted their physical and psychic energies on such experiences, they will be in a state to do the inner work to taste the harmony, peace and light they seek. The only thing they will be capable of will be to read a few books, from which they will then quote, ‘Moses said ... Buddha said ... Jesus said ...’without being able to put any of this into practice.

Well, I recommend that you first live the teaching of the great masters and that when it comes to impassioned adventures, you confine yourself to reading. The universal literature is there to teach you what human passions are. All you have to do is read, no need to have many costly experiences to find out about them. There is one life that should be lived and another that should serve simply for reading and as... a source of quotations."


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Suffering - its role is to give us warnings
"Human beings are inhabited by a multitude of entities that have been charged by cosmic Intelligence to watch over their development. If, through negligence or unwillingness, people are destroying something in their mind, heart, or physical body, some of these entities begin to prick and bite them to make them return to the right path.

These calls to order are what humans call suffering, and as suffering is unpleasant, they see it as an enemy. But they are wrong! On the contrary, since suffering is a warning, they must consider it to be a friend: it comes only to show them that they have strayed from the good conditions where the path was light and open before them. They must therefore make the effort to understand its language and say to it, ‘May God bless you, I have understood and will rectify my mistakes.’ The moment they have understood and decide to correct things, suffering is given the order to leave them, because it has done its work, it has fulfilled its mission."


Friday, December 15, 2017

God - is above good and evil
"We naturally tend to identify God with good. But in reality no, good is not actually God himself; good is a manifestation of God, but it is not God. God is above good and evil, and we cannot really know who he is. But since good represents for us the highest manifestation of God, thinking of good links us to him: our consciousness leaves the region of darkness where suffering, anxiety and terror reign and goes to rejoin the centre, the creative Principle. Since God has created everything, he knows the properties of all elements, of all forces, and of every creature in the universe, and he will give us the means to remedy our weaknesses and our shortcomings.

The universe is vast, immense and infinite in its diversity, and we cannot know everything. But the Creator is all-knowing and all-powerful, and it is thus to him that we must turn for help, for he alone is above good and evil."


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Needs - adults must reflect on the needs they awaken in young people
"Are there many adults who are truly concerned about helping young people become clear-sighted, balanced and strong? No, a great many of them are on the lookout for that which can seduce children and adolescents whose instincts and desires are awakening, and they hasten to satisfy these desires. It begins with toys and then continues with all sorts of objects or activities which are altogether useless or even harmful. Young people would themselves have no idea of such things unless they saw them displayed everywhere in shop windows and promoted by advertising.

So many people are guilty of leading young people astray. First of all, they awaken material needs in the young which cannot be satisfied, which leads to frustration, and the desire to obtain dishonestly what cannot be obtained honestly. Then, by trying to convince them that they absolutely need these objects and activities in order to feel well and happy, they turn them away from the true search for happiness and the meaning of life. These people should not be surprised if one day they have to suffer from the criminal behaviour which they have helped to create and nurture."


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sagittarius - its symbolism: instincts put to the service of an ideal
"In the Zodiac, Sagittarius, an archer on horseback, symbolizes the human being in whom reason has triumphed over the dark forces of instinct. This idea is also expressed by the mythological figure of the Centaur, which has the torso of a man mounted on the body of a horse.

The Sagittarius and the Centaur are symbols of human beings who are made up of two natures: inferior and superior, and they must learn how to control them. They cannot rid themselves of their inferior nature but must learn to master it and put it to work. What is more, illustrations of the Centaur or Sagittarius show the body of the horse in motion and galloping. But this motion is not without purpose or direction; it serves a well-considered action, the arrow flies, but not in any direction, it must reach its target. You are aware of the mastery it takes to draw a bow and aim accurately. Sagittarius thus represents one who places the movements of their inferior nature – represented by the galloping horse – at the service of an ideal: symbolized by the arrow which goes precisely to its mark."


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Heaven - is for those who have worked
"In order to console Christians, the Church tells them, ‘You are poor, weak and sick, but have hope and faith, for God’s love is infinite, and one day you will be on his right side in Paradise.’ So God’s circle must be made up of poor, pitiful wretches dressed in rags! Well no, unfortunately for them... but fortunately for the Lord, he is surrounded only with splendour, with the most luminous, the most powerful and the purest beings. Therefore Christians should not count so much on experiencing in heaven all the bliss they have not known on earth. They should work instead to activate the spiritual powers within them, which will enable them to immediately obtain light, love and joy that they aspire to.

When you sow a seed, the four elements, all the powers of heaven and earth are present to sustain your work, and you will soon have flowers and fruits. But if you have sown nothing, nothing will grow, even if you have hope and faith."


Monday, December 11, 2017

Beauty - its relationship to kindness
"Sometimes, while in the mountains, we see on the edge of a precipice a tree whose trunk and branches are oddly twisted. This tree has had to withstand high winds, bad weather, even lightning, but it resisted and its struggle against the elements is reflected in its trunk and branches. In the same way, in life we meet people whose faces are tortured and asymmetrical, but what gifts, what talents! This proves that they too have had to endure very difficult conditions. And to overcome them, they have often developed their mind and will to the detriment of certain qualities of the heart, and these efforts, these tensions, are visible on their faces.

Beauty in human beings speaks more of the qualities of their heart than of their intellectual faculties or their will. Beauty, true beauty, has a much greater affinity with kindness than with intelligence. This is why very beautiful people are often predestined to be victims. And this is why it is important that they are surrounded by people who can help them to defend themselves against the desires their beauty arouses in others."


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Life - only belongs to God, for he is life
"In all religions, the supreme God is seen as the unique source of life. It is he who gives life, and he who withdraws it. He is the master of life, because he is life. But, what do we know about life? We can do no more than enumerate its many manifestations and say that in it, all things are possible, that it contains all gifts. But as for life itself, it is still a mystery.

As for God, so for life: all our attempts to grasp its secrets are destined to fail. While playing sorcerers’ apprentices, biologists in their laboratories may soon have some success in their tinkering, this may delude them for a moment into thinking that they have become masters of life. But they will soon be obliged to acknowledge their failure, for life belongs to God alone. God gives life, but he does not reveal the secret of his creation, it is his secret alone."


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Evolution, our - depends on the stimulation we receive from the physical, psychic and spiritual realms
"Alone, and left to themselves, human beings cannot evolve: they need stimulation from the outside world, from nature, from events, and of course from other human beings. They need to see, to hear, to have encounters, and even to receive shocks and to suffer. If they are not roused, shaken up, they will do nothing.

And what is true on the physical and psychic planes is also true in a more subtle way in the spiritual realm. That is why great masters are so necessary: thanks to their pure lives, to their emanations, to their feelings and thoughts of love and wisdom, these beings succeed in stirring something within us. And if they do not always manage to do so, it is not because they are incapable or weak, but because we have allowed ourselves to become buried under too many layers of dull and heavy matter. In order to allow their force and light to penetrate through us, we have inner work to undertake upon ourselves."


Friday, December 8, 2017

‘When you pray, go into your room’ - a commentary
"‘When you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father who is there in the secret place.’ How should we understand this secret room of which Jesus speaks?

When someone succeeds in creating silence and peace within themself, when they need to express their love for God and to commune with him, they are already in their secret room. You may wonder where this room is: is it perhaps in the heart, in the mind, or in the soul? In fact, it is a level of consciousness which you strive to attain. For example, you are meditating upon a difficult spiritual problem, you go deep within to find an answer and after a while, there is light within you, and you understand. What has happened? Where has this understanding come from? Your spirit had this answer all the time, but your consciousness was not yet ready to rise to it. So this is the meaning of Jesus’ words: when someone prays or meditates, they lock themself in their secret room, and there they receive revelations."


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Forces of evil - always awaken the rise of forces of good
"Even if human beings object to evil and desire good, they are far more convinced of the power of evil than of good. Experience has shown them, they say, that those who want to destroy others and create disorder succeed more readily and more quickly than those who want to be helpful and redress a situation. If this is the case, why should they make such an effort? They do nothing, or are even influenced to behave badly themselves.

But there is one question that they have not asked themselves: this success that evil has achieved, how long will it last? Yes, in order to draw truly valid conclusions, we must introduce the factor of time: how long will these forces of evil continue to triumph? Because the moment evil is set in motion, the forces of good do not remain inactive: they too rise up to re-establish order and justice."


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Life and Death - always co-exist
"Life and death are so closely connected that there is always something in life that must die in order for something else to live. Like it or not, it is impossible to escape this dilemma.

We can already observe this in the realm of health. How many sick people who have been advised by their doctors to stop smoking or drinking alcohol to stay alive feel that if they follow this advice, they would feel as if they were dying! Yes, because there are two conflicting ideas of life here: that of the instinctive life and that of the life of reason. If we live one thing, we must renounce another. Those who, on the pretext of living more intensely or more pleasantly, fail to respect the laws of the physical life, become ill and die. You must decide which form of life you prefer, because you cannot live one thing and its opposite at the same time. And this is even more true for the spiritual life."


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Obstacles - we overcome them by rising up to our higher self
"Roads and paths on land are generally quite congested with traffic, seas and oceans are less so, and flight paths even less; and we can fly through the air at high speeds without coming across any obstacles.

What meaning does this have for us? Those who remain attached to the earth, that is to say who only seek to respond to the calls of their stomach, belly and genitals, come meet many obstacles in their path because they come up against the material considerations of those close to them. If they tell themselves, ‘Since that’s the way it is, I’ll go out onto the water’, which corresponds to the astral plane: feelings, emotions, they will move forward more freely, but there they will also come into conflict with other people’s desires and passions. ‘So then, I’ll go up into the air’, the mental plane, the domain of thought. It’s even better, space opens up more widely before them, but there they will be confronted with people with different philosophical, scientific, religious or political ideas. If they would like to avoid any future obstacles, they need aim to rise above the realm of air, to the subtle, crystal-clear, luminous regions of ether, that is to say to their higher self."


Monday, December 4, 2017

Consideration - for people and for things, and how it influences us
"We only achieve that which we have already envisioned and prepared in our minds. This is a matter worthy of deep reflection. The way in which we consider people and things is what counts and what is effective, and we can verify this in every domain of life.

For example, if you see the person you share your life with as someone who makes it possible for you to satisfy your material needs, to indulge your vanity, and to unleash your sensuality and desires for pleasure, you are linking yourself to the lower forces of the astral plane, and you should not be surprised if, one day, you see all your dreams of happiness collapse. On the other hand, if you make the habit of considering this person as a manifestation of divinity, then through you will connect heavenly powers. You will receive great blessings and will be filled with joy."


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pride and humility - one impoverishes you, the other enriches you
"Proud people imagine they are dependent on nothing and no one, exactly like a light bulb which claims to be the source of light, forgetting that the power station supplies the current. Those who are humble, on the contrary, know that they are not an isolated being, that they are not independent, and that if they do not remain linked to heaven, they will have neither force, light nor wisdom. They sense that they are a link in an infinite chain, the conductor of a cosmic energy which comes from afar and flows through them to all other human beings.

What consequences to these attitudes hold? Proud people forget the source of the currents which manifest through them; they believe they are dependent only upon themself, and sooner or later become a barren land. Humble people are like a valley irrigated by the water that descends from the peaks to fertilise the plains; they receive forces that pour forth constantly from the mountains and thus know abundance. We have not yet understood the wealth of humility."


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Self-doubt - how to conquer it
"Spiritual work and the work on oneself is a long and exacting endeavour. When faced with the length of the path to be followed and the obstacles along the way, doubt can creep in and you no longer believe you have the qualities necessary to achieve any results whatsoever. You then feel a kind of division or split within you, and this is very harmful to your psychic life: this terrible self-doubt may gradually paralyze you.

But whatever your reasons for self-doubt, there is only one thing that will prevent this poison from destroying you: the awareness that within you lives a being who is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving: the Lord, the Creator of all worlds. And in connecting yourself to him, by relying on him, you can continue to build your inner self."


Friday, December 1, 2017

Future, our - we create it thanks to forces and entities with which we connect
"Every manifestation of physical, psychic and spiritual life gives beings specific wave-lengths and vibrations that connect them automatically to entities and currents in space who have the same wave-lengths and currents. This explains the connections we have with forces of nature. We resonate with certain regions and entities with the same wave-lengths through our thoughts, feelings and actions. And through the force of attraction, sooner or later, we are able to come to meet them.

Initiatic Science gives every human being the means with which to create the future they wish. And it is the quality of their thoughts, feelings and desires that draws them towards the darkness and chaos, or towards the pure, light-filled regions of the divine world."


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Work - whatever the conditions may be
"We hear people everywhere complain that the world is in a bad way. And there they go complaining, all they do is complain and they expect others to set to work and improve conditions. Why do they not begin it themselves? No, they wait, and others do the same and wait too... and this can go on forever.

You might say that faced with the immensity of the tasks to be done, you feel discouraged. Well, on the contrary, you must remain courageous, because it is in doing so that you show yourself to be praiseworthy. In pleasant circumstances it is too easy to believe in good and to set to work: everything is simple and agreeable. It is in difficult times that it is important to commit oneself and to persevere, without allowing oneself to be influenced by the conditions. You must learn to count on the powers of the spirit. This is the sign of the true spiritualist: despite bad conditions, despite the storms, spiritualists always try to awaken the powers of the will, of good, and of the light."


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Voice of silence, the - conditions to be able to hear it
"Silence is the essential condition that allows us to hear the true word, true revelations. In silence, little by little you feel the messages from the spiritual world reach you, a voice seeks to warn you, to give you advice, to guide you, to protect you...

You might say that you don’t hear this voice. It is because you are making too much noise, not only on the physical level, but also on the astral and mental levels: there are so many chaotic feelings and thoughts that constantly clash within you. This voice that speaks to you is called ‘the voice of silence’, and it even appears as the title of certain books of oriental wisdom. When the yogi manages to calm everything within themself and to stop the flow of their thoughts – because in its movement, thought also creates noise – they then hear this voice of silence which is the very voice of God. "


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Inner winters - that we need to prepare ourselves for
"In anticipation of the approaching winter we all know we must prepare ourselves to face the cold: we think about preparing in terms of the heating, the insulation of our houses, warmer clothes, and so on. Unfortunately, people have far less foresight when it comes to facing the winters within them, and when a dark period befalls them, they are defenceless and can only complain that life has no meaning.

It is true that the seasons of the inner life do not return with the same regularity as those of nature, and that they are therefore not predictable. But winter inevitably returns from time to time, and if you learn to observe yourself, each time you will discover certain warning signals within you. So, as soon as you feel this time of cold and darkness approaching, be careful. Prepare the spiritual elements that will continue to sustain the fire and the light within you. Jesus said, ‘Walk while you have the light, so that the darkness does not surprise you.’ This means: make the most of good conditions to arm yourself against the day when you need to face difficulties."


Monday, November 27, 2017

Thoughts and feelings - are like talismans that can attract or ward off influences
"You may, as you are walking down the street, without knowing it, pass through a place where a dishonest deed or even a crime is being committed. If, at that particular moment, you happen to find yourself in a negative inner state or with negative thoughts, you resonate with the vibrations produced by such deeds and fall under their influence. You may then be pushed into doing wrong yourself, without actually realizing it is because of the fluidic emanations you received as you walked by.

This is why it is so important for you to watch the quality of your inner states, because it is the only effective way to protect yourself from dark influences. Do not rely on amulets, talismans or any other kind of trinket offered to you by charlatans. It is down to you; you have to work on your thoughts and feelings so that you may attract only fragrances of purity and light. These are the true amulets that will protect you."


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Inner tribunal - rely only on its judgement
"You may become a victim of grave injustices on the part of human beings. If you are really innocent, do everything you can within to resist. Never give anyone the opportunity to harm you or destroy you. Why do you care about what these people think if they are so blind? Just listen to the judgement of the inner tribunal of your conscience, the Divinity that lives within you.

Be concerned above all with being clear about yourself, and always behave with honesty and disinterestedness. Then, tell yourself that who you are; your dignity and your honour, do not depend on what others think of you. Your divine nature supports you, and this should be enough for you to continue walking with your head held high. "


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Prayers - address them instead to entities whose task is to take care of human beings
"In your prayers and meditations, begin by trying to reach the saints, the prophets, the initiates and the great masters, that is, those beings whose mission it is to take care of human beings. Then, you can rise further and invoke the angels because, in the celestial hierarchies, angels are the closest to human beings, and they can hear them and help them. You can also try to invoke the Archangels, but don’t seek to go any higher: the Principalities, the Powers, the Dominions, the Thrones, the Cherubim and the Seraphim, they will not hear you.

There are countless worlds in infinite space inhabited by thousands of beings, and these angelic hierarchies, which have very important work to carry out far away in space, have very little to do with human beings. Those who look after humans are for the most part beings who have lived on earth and have left it, but who remember it: they are still connected to it and have made promises which they intend to keep. You must know that the higher hierarchies exist. You can try to connect to them by pronouncing their names, but know that you will only be heard by the beings but who are closest to human beings."


Friday, November 24, 2017

Intuition - is both understanding and feeling
"Because it has a synthetic view of reality, intuition is true intelligence. It does not need to do research or calculations, its understanding is instantaneous; it penetrates everything with a single glance – the objective and subjective worlds, the exterior and interior – and transmits its findings directly to you.

Intuition is both a feeling and an understanding; you feel things at the same time as you understand them. It is a higher intelligence because it comprehends, in a single moment, the whole of life. And when everyone else is still hesitating and doubting, those who possess this intelligence understand immediately and their vision is infallible. And when reality appears to them in this way – with both aspects, objective and subjective, exterior and interior – they are amazed to discover that everything is in fact very simple."


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fate, our - is determined by our attitude to the divine world
"Human beings do not seem to be aware that their attitude toward the divine world determines their destiny. Increasingly, instead of bowing before the grandeur of God and glorifying him, they are adopting careless and disrespectful behaviours which thwart his plans and introduce chaos in his creation.

The worst enemy of human beings is pride, this self-important and arrogant attitude which will eventually lead to their ruin. If they want to save themselves, they must learn to regard creation as sacred, to vibrate like the Aeolian harp with each breath of wind, with each current from heaven, to commune with the universe, with the universal Soul and with the cosmic Spirit. During this exchange, energies from the higher world work on them: elements of the greatest purity flow into their soul, while the dark elements leave and are absorbed in immensity."


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Third lodge, the -
"In esoteric science, the white and black lodge are the two lodges that operate in the universe. The powers we generally call ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are those of the light and the dark. But the two lodges are dominated by a third lodge, of which even the initiates know very little, for it is a reality that is beyond human understanding. This third lodge is the exclusive domain of God, who is above both good and evil, and who uses them both.

Human beings must not seek to combat the black lodge as they are not armed for this fight. The only thing we can do is to remain connected to the white lodge, to the powers of good and follow their instructions: they will confer on us the elements that will neutralise the secret poisons of the black lodge. And in this way, we will be able to make good triumph while maintaining our strength and peace."


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Reflecting well - before taking action
"Before leaping into a task of some importance, try to study the situation carefully. Weigh the pros and cons and even ask for advice, until everything is very clear to you. The blind faith of those who rush into things can only lead to failure. When people do not want to see the reality around them and refuse to take into account all aspects of a situation, they can only fail. Determination is one thing and obstinacy is another. So many undertakings have failed despite the absolute confidence the people had! They lacked experience, they had not properly studied the various aspects of the situation. They imagined that to be motivated with the best intentions and to be completely confident and willing were enough to guarantee success, and that heaven would take care of the rest. No, that is not enough.

But once you have thought it through and you see things clearly, you must not hesitate for one moment: you must put aside the slightest doubt so that you are able not only to act appropriately but to persevere whatever the difficulties."


Monday, November 20, 2017

Painful tasks - consider them as beneficial exercises
"Whatever your circumstances, always remember to analyze yourself so that you know what you are doing, and especially how you are doing it.

For example, every day you are obliged to do certain tasks that are more or less interesting or pleasant. But, pleasant and interesting or not, they have to be done. So, observe carefully how you set about doing a job you do not like very much: you sigh, you grumble, and you go at it without conviction or love, thinking perhaps it was a job for others. You do not realize that your attitude makes the work even more difficult. And then, not only do the efforts you are required to make bring you nothing inwardly, but they destroy you. Whereas if you learn to consider things in another way, if you decide you are going to use this boring work as a chance to become stronger or more intelligent, you will change your state of consciousness and the task will seem less painful."


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Building your house on a rock - the meaning of this evangelical parable
"‘Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on a rock’, said Jesus. ‘And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not act on them will be like a foolish man who built his house on sand.’ What is this house? It is an image of human beings themselves: if they found their existence on sand, that is to say on unstable ground which will quake with their chaotic thoughts and feelings, it will endlessly sway and eventually collapse.

If our life is to stand firm, we must build it on this rock which represents our higher mental body, the causal plane. As its name – causal – indicates, it is from this plane that the currents flow which influence the mental, astral and physical realms. This explains why the work we can accomplish by rising to the causal plane has repercussions on our thoughts, our feelings, our daily behaviour, and even on our health, as if orders were given from on high to bring order and harmony to our entire being."


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Love and hate - manifestations of the same force on two different planes
"When you feel hatred for someone, what is this force that teaches you to pulverise them with a look or even to strike them? And if you love someone tenderly, what is this force that moves you to smile at them, to speak sweetly to them, to hold them tight in your arms and to bring them gifts?

Whether it is love or hate, it is always the same force: sometimes it manifests in the Venusian form and acts with delicacy, expressiveness, poetry, and gentleness, and sometimes it becomes Martian and can shatter everything in its path. Just observe how love which manifests in too low a form can turn into violence. The need to satisfy their desires makes men and women egotistical and cruel, and they do not care about the other person, and are even ready to kill them if they resist. On the contrary, those who wish to manifest the higher degrees of love act with generosity and selflessness, and with consideration for the fulfilment and happiness of the person they love. And yet, in its origins, the force is the same."


Friday, November 17, 2017

Lord’s visit, the - can only take place in a comfortable house
"When you invite someone to stay with you for a few days, you prepare a room for them. You do not just say, ‘Come, come’, without knowing where you are going to put them. All the more so if your guest is someone important. Before extending your invitation, you think about how you are going to welcome them.

Imagine, for instance, that you are expecting a prince or princess to come and stay: are you going to let them go through a dirty, untidy house? Well, believers please forgive me, if I say they treat God in ways they would not dare to treat even their neighbours. They pray to him, ‘Come, Lord’. But, do they prepare a place for the Creator within themselves, a sacred place? No, they invite him to a place that is a total shambles, to a dung heap. Later they are astonished when it is not God who comes to visit them, but some devils who themselves feel quite at home amongst impurities."


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Initiatic Science - must not serve materialists
"There is nothing to be greatly admired in the many brilliant, wealthy and powerful people who place no importance on the life of the soul and spirit. Because they do not seek spiritual nourishment, which alone could fulfil them, they are like starving beasts; and their ambition, greed and voracity finally lead them down paths that are dangerous both for themselves and for those around them.

Unfortunately, many so-called spiritualists do not behave any better: they try to satisfy their ambitions and gain the same success as the materialists by the means given to them by Initiatic Science. In doing so they betray the most sacred principles and are thus even more guilty than the materialists. It is clear that they are satisfied and proud of succeeding by these means, but heaven, which does not like to be used for egotistical and self-interested ends, will one day ask them to account for their deeds, and they will be severely punished."


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Daily tensions - an exercise to overcome them
"You still do not make use of the many opportunities given to you to unite with the divine world in order to calm yourself and recover your inner balance. And yet, you know very well that the agitation of daily life eventually weakens your nervous system. Human beings are not made to live in this constant tension that drains them of all their energies. It is not normal to run from morning to evening or to be harassed from all sides, and you eventually become worn out, both physically and psychically.

Several times a day, therefore, stop for a few moments. Concentrate and try to create an atmosphere of harmony and love within you and around you. By repeating this exercise often, you will succeed in touching your higher self which will project beneficial rays into all your cells. It is thus that you will restore balance and be able to deal with all your daily tasks again."


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Spiritual master - their only obligation: guiding us on the path of the light
"You should not ask that a spiritual master be all-knowing and all-powerful. You have the right to ask only one thing of them: that they serve as a link to heaven for you, that they guide you on the path of light, that they show you the way to God.

Moreover, a true spiritual master will not keep you for themself; they will take you further, higher. And if you insist upon staying close to them, they will tell you, ‘No, do not count so much on me. I cannot give you everything. Only God can fulfil you. I can only help you to find the path. If you like, I am like a telephone that enables you to communicate with the divine world, with the heavenly hierarchies, and that is all.’ That is what a true master will say. If they are not a true master, of course, they will make all kinds of promises that will never come true, so it is up to you to be discerning."


Monday, November 13, 2017

Relationships with others - it is important to widen and improve them
"How to get along with others is the most important problem that human beings have to solve every day. Work on yourself, therefore, in order to develop the psychic and moral qualities which will allow you to better understand and accept others. For this is essential; to learn to live with all the others, and not only with your family, your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues, those close to you and so on. You must also be able to relate to all sorts of people who differ from you in age, education, social class, nationality and race, in order to become accustomed very early on to all human situations.

You cannot know ahead of time the encounters life is preparing for you. So unless you are ready and one day are required to face these situations, you will appear closed, unsympathetic, intolerant and sometimes, unintentionally, even mean. Yes, the measure of a person’s evolution is their capacity to meet others and relate harmoniously with them. "


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cosmic forces - humans must seek how to obtain their intervention
"How many believers ask why heaven does not intervene to restore order in world affairs! Well, this shows they are not good psychologists. Without the agreement and willingness of human beings themselves, what is the use of the interventions of heaven? People would neither understand nor appreciate this new order established by heaven and would quickly destroy it. The desire for change must come from human beings.

Yes, if they truly wish to remedy the state of things and right the misfortune in the world, because of what they have suffered and the lessons they have learned, heaven will release other forces, other currents, other energies, and then true changes will take place. But the impulse must come from human beings; they must decide together to work in order to obtain the intervention of cosmic forces. If they do not provide the right conditions for them to intervene, nothing will happen and the sublime intelligences will never decide to get mixed up in human affairs."


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Security - seek it in the world of the soul and spirit
"Each of you must understand that you are a spiritual entity who lives in relationship with the universe, and that you can obtain everything you need from the inexhaustible worlds of the soul and spirit. This will give your life meaning, and you will no longer feel the need to run after ephemeral gains.

So beware: even if nowadays social and material success appear ever more convincingly to be the only ways to guarantee your security, you must not give them priority. Sooner or later you will be forced to admit that this security was an illusion and that in searching for it at all costs, you have wasted a lot of time and energy. If your worth and competency have been recognised and you are offered an important position in any field whatsoever, accept it if you wish. But be vigilant, and never abandon what is essential: the wealth you can gain in the world of the soul and the spirit."


Friday, November 10, 2017

Discouragement - methods to overcome it
"Faced with some failures, you might feel discouraged to the point that you tell yourself, ‘I am incompetent, weak and stupid.’ Very well, you may well be all that, but it is dangerous for you to dwell on it. When you experience states of this kind, show that you still have a little intelligence and make efforts to think, ‘All right, I may not amount to much, but there is a world of rich, beautiful, and wise beings, and I am going to unite with them by means of thought in order to benefit from their qualities and virtues.’ I assure you that this will help you.

Also, try to recall all the wonderful moments of peace, light, and inspiration that you have already experienced, for you have experienced at least some. And since you have experienced them, they cannot be wiped out. Cling to those moments, and little by little, courage and faith will return to you."


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Divine will - attune one’s projects to it
"Most people devote their days to the satisfaction of their desires and the realization of their ambitions. Do they ever question the nature of all these calculations, designs and projects? Do they ever think to turn to heavenly beings and ask, ‘O luminous spirits, are we in harmony with your plans? What is your opinion? What do you have in mind for us? Where and how must we work to accomplish your will?’ Very few ask themselves these questions.

Nothing, however, is more important for a human being than to ask the beings of light in the invisible world to enable them one day to carry out the projects of heaven. Because at that very moment, their whole life changes: they are no longer guided by their whims, their weaknesses, and their blindness. In their efforts to know divine will, they put themself on a different track; they take a direction which corresponds to God’s plans, and that is the true life!"


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Pregnant woman, a - must protect her child from dark entities
"When a woman is pregnant, dark entities from the invisible world seek to enter through an open door in her and settle in her child. A mother, through her behaviour, is the one who opens and closes the doors. When a pregnant woman feels thoughts, desires or chaotic feelings pass through her that she has never had before, she must be aware this is proof that dark entities are lingering close by. If she does not resist them or protect herself, these entities will enter the child who will then be visited by these entities throughout their life and be prey to them.

If we are to prepare the best possible future for the young generations to come, it is important to know the realities of the psychic world. A mother therefore needs to be vigilant and to find the ‘keys’, that is to say the light-filled thoughts and feelings, that will close the door to the dark entities, and she will be able to protect her child. As for those close to a mother-to-be – her husband, parents, friends, neighbours, work colleagues – they also need to know this and try to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony around her."


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Freedom of movement - physically and psychically it depends on our vigilance
"When you feel anxious or distressed, react and keep your thoughts from taking a dangerous downhill direction, catch them and force them to return to this place of light and peace in you that is sheltered from adversity. If you are not vigilant, you have no idea to where an instant of anger, fear, resentment, or discouragement may lead you.

Watch a trapeze artiste or the tightrope walker: how they move freely in the air. But in order to do so, how they have worked! They have this freedom of movement because they have learned not to allow themself to become distracted by extraneous elements which would cost them their concentration and send them hurtling to the ground. In order to remain in the heights, you too must protect your consciousness from disturbances. At the slightest warning, ensure that your thoughts do not stray from the regions of light and inner calm."


Monday, November 6, 2017

Psychic life - its effects on the physical body
"A man is sitting quietly somewhere, his face expresses nothing in particular. But suddenly an impulse comes from deep down inside: a thought, a feeling of fear, love, anger... and then everything changes, his features, the expression of his face, the color of his skin. How can the physical body suddenly change under the impulse of something so impalpable and subtle as a thought or a feeling? Just one emotion, and we blush, or go pale, or are petrified! Sometimes people die because of an emotion. How can an emotion have such power over the physical body?

Everyone is aware of these phenomena, so why have they never drawn the conclusion that it is the psychic life that commands the physical life? The physical body always depends on a psychic or spiritual element above it, which creates or destroys, expands or contracts, which tints, which shapes... Of course it is always possible to influence the body by physical means; they can momentarily improve your health or appearance. But health and beauty depend far more on your thoughts, feelings and on everything making up your inner life."


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Renunciation - creating a void within that can be filled with divine virtues
"What can you add to a receptacle that is already full? Nothing. In order to pour something else into it, it must first be emptied. The same applies to human beings: if they do not empty themselves of their weaknesses and bad habits, how can divine virtues and qualities come and establish themselves within them? This is the meaning of renunciation: to renounce is to empty oneself and to get rid of certain elements which are harmful to oneself and to others, so that something that is purer and is filled with more light can be introduced to take their place.

Those who have understood the meaning of renunciation strive to create this necessary void, so that divine qualities come and live within them. They must stop thinking that they will be unhappy if they give up certain pleasures. On the contrary, these insignificant pleasures will be replaced by others that are far greater, and of better