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The Magic Circle of Light - Exclusive YouTube Channel
Human beings come and go, work and play, and busy themselves with all kinds of things, never realizing that their life is growing dim and dirty because they do nothing to protect it. They think that the life they have received is theirs to dispose of, and that they have a right to use it for pleasure or become rich, learned or renowned, as they please. So they draw on their reserves without restraint until, one day, they find themselves utterly spent and obliged to abandon all their activities. It is completely senseless to behave like that for, once we have wasted our supply of life, we have no other resources to fall back on.
The Sages have always said that the only thing that is essential is life itself, and that we must protect, purify and sanctify it and eliminate whatever may hinder or prevent it from developing. And, if we do so, life will give us everything else: health, strength, power, intelligence and beauty - every thing ! The highest form of magic, the highest form of White Magic is to lead a pure, luminous life.
In the beginning is life. Look at any creature you choose and you will see the same pattern: before everything else they have life; the capacity to feel and think comes later.
Life! The word sums up the entire wealth of the universe, undifferentiated and chaotic, waiting for a force to act upon it and organize it. In this one word 'life' are contained all future developments, just as all the organs which will eventually take shape and form a living body are potentially present in a single cell. Just as a seed which must be planted, watered and nurtured before it reveals what it contains, so, given time, out of this magma, out of this chaotic jumble of undetermined reality which is life, all other things emerge and take shape.
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