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The Magic Circle of Light - Exclusive YouTube Channel
We are here between the four walls of this room at the Bonfin, but we are also in the town of Fréjus. Fréjus is in the Var; the Var is in France; France is in Europe, and Europe is one of the continents on earth. The earth belongs to the family of planets in the solar system; the solar system belongs to a galaxy, and that galaxy is a tiny part of the whole cosmos. Yes, the prodigious truth is that we are here in this room and, at the same time, in the cosmos.What conclusion - i f any - can we draw from this? The conclusion that, as cosmic beings, we must not eternally confine ourselves to our own petty interests. We must open our eyes and remind ourselves that we have cosmic work to do. What is the use of belonging to the Universal White Brotherhood if we do not work for broader, more far-reaching goals? For the welfare of the whole worid? Henceforth, try to change your mental habits, to adopt a broader point of view; try to become more aware of being part of the cosmos, of being linked to the whole universe; try to see that this means that the things you do as well as the way you do them must change. Initiation is nothing more than an expansion of consciousness. There are, of course, different degrees of expansion, and the supreme degree is that attained by those who melt into one with the universal soul, who vibrate in unison with the cosmos, immersing themselves in the realm of absolute harmony, the realm of the music of the spheres. This is supreme initiation. Needles to say, it is extremely difficult to reach this level, but there are many different steps or degrees between the ordinary level of consciousness and this sublime level, and our task in life is to scale as many degrees as possible and gradually to enhance our consciousness until it is so clear and limpid that the universe itself is reflected in it. As long as human beings continue to move in the narrow circle of themselves and their personal interests they exclude themselves from initiation.
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