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The Magic Circle of Light - Exclusive YouTube Channel
What is a Spiritual Master?
Although the idea of a spiritual Master is becoming more and more familiar to the general public, his nature and role are still poorly understood, even by those who claim to be his disciples. The main purpose of this book is to clarify this question. Some may find this clarification a little ruthless, but it is necessary, for it is of first importance not to delude oneself about spiritual realities. it is true that a Master is that prodigious being who can lead men to the highest summits of the spirit, but for him as well as for his disciples, this sublime venture can success only if it is accompanied by a rigorous inner adherence to truth and selflessness. A disciple who has met his Master has found a mother who will carry him in her womb for nine months so that he may be born into the spiritual world. Once he has been born, once his consciousness has been awakened, his eyes will discover the beauty of creation, his ears will hear divine words, he will taste heavenly food, his feet will bear him throughout space on errands of good and his hands will learn to create in the finer, higher wordds of the soul.
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