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The Magic Circle of Light - Exclusive YouTube Channel
The Living Book of Nature
In Initiatic Science, to read means to be able to decipher the subtle and hidden side of objects and creatures, to interpret the symbols and signs placed everywhere by Cosmic Intelligence in the great book of the universe. To write means to leave one's imprint on this great book, to act upon stones, plants, animals and men through the magic force of one's spirit. From time immemorial philosophers have recognized in man a miniature universe. In the temples of antiquity he was portrayed as the key to the door of the Great King's palace, because all that exists in the universe, whether it be energy or matter, exists to a lesser degree in man. So the universe is known as tha macrocosm (the great world) and man is the microcosm (the small world). And 'God' is simply the name man has given to the sublime Spirit who created both worlds, the great and the small, who breathes life into them, maintaining them in existence.
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