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The Magic Circle of Light - Exclusive YouTube Channel
The Book of Divine Magic
True magic, divine magic, lies in using all one's faculties, all one's knowledge, toward realizing the Kingdom of God on earth. Very few magi have reached the high level where the only ideal is to work in the Light for the Light. Those who manage to do so are the true benefactors of humanity. Initiation is a work of inner organization, a ceaseless effort to purify and acquire the mastery of self. In view of this, it is disturbing to see the ever-growing interest in books about magic and the occult sciences: far from expressing a need for genuine spirituality, it is a sign of men's eagerness to immerse themselves in things unknown, in all that is mysterious. The results speak for themselves: instead of making people well balanced, wiser and purer, these books unleash the obscure forces slumbering within them, confuse and cloud their minds and deliver them into tha hands of inferior entities bent on the destruction of mankind.
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