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The Magic Circle of Light - Exclusive YouTube Channel
The Book of Revelations: A Commentary
Many people find the Book of Revelations very obscure and difficult to interpret. It is true that for those who do not possess the key to it, it is obscure but for those who do poss-ess the key it is extremely clear. Once one knows the hidden meaning of the numbers and symbols, all the elements that seem to be totally unrelated can be brought together and used to shed light on each other, and the result is an extraordinarily logical whole. I have interpreted some passages from the Apocalypse for you, but you can not benefit from what I tell you if you have never worked or made an effort to acquire the true foundations of the spiritual life. It is not enough to understand these symbols intellectually, you must be able to make them come alive within you. As long as this preliminary work of purification, self- control, and inner ascent has not been done, the marvels of the Apocalypse will remain a closed book to you.
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