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Daily Meditation for Wednesday, February 28, 2024 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Ideal - always add a spiritual element to your life
"Most human beings consider that their ideal life would be to have a family, a job, a car and a house with all the modern amenities. This mediocre life is enough for them, and they are satisfied. From time to time, of course, they read a few books, listen to some music, go to see a show and travel. And that is all. They add nothing more powerful, more spiritual to their lives – they stagnate. They do not realize what dangers this slow-moving lifestyle poses for them: all kinds of physical and psychological illness are lurking there, just waiting for the right moment to infiltrate, bite and gnaw at them.

Cosmic Intelligence has not build human beings so wondrously just for them to slip into a sluggish and anesthetized state. It has prepared them to progress continuously along the path of evolution, supplying them daily with a current of life that sweeps away all physical and psychic mould and decay.*"

Thought of the Week for Feb 25 - Mar 2, 2024
Grace from Heaven
" You must become more and more conscious of the value of these moments of silence and inner recollection in which you receive a light, a grace from heaven. Much of your suffering stems precisely from the fact that you lack this consciousness. You receive blessings but they do not last, you quickly lose hold of them, quite simply because you are unaware of the value of what you have received. You imagine that heaven will always be there to pour out its blessings and that, when you have nothing better to do, you can pause for a few minutes to receive them. No, this is not how it works. Heaven is not at the disposal of thoughtless, heedless people. At a given moment, in certain conditions, heaven pours out its blessings, and if you are not sufficiently conscious to receive them or do not know how to hold on to them, so much the worse for you, for you will lose them. So, be careful – and when you sense that you have received a revelation or a grace from heaven, try to hold on to it and treasure it. "
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