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Daily Meditation for Wednesday, December 1, 2021 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
A brotherhood is a community that possesses a luminous consciousness -
"Collective does not mean fraternal, and a collectivity is not yet a brotherhood. A collectivity is a gathering of people who may have no bond between them. A village or a city is a collectivity, of course, but do all the people who live there know each other, do they love each other, do they work for one another? No, they are all separate, so this is not yet a brotherhood.

A brotherhood is a collectivity that has a broad, luminous consciousness, a collectivity whose members are united together and who work not only for one another but for the whole world. A true brotherhood is a universal brotherhood."

Thought of the Week for Nov 28 - Dec 4, 2021
...from the Living Book of Nature
" We can draw an analogy between man’s dwellings and his psychic structure. Consider a room in your house, for example: it consists of a ceiling (where we hang lamps), walls (with doors and windows), and a floor. The ceiling, walls and floor correspond to the three domains of thought, feeling and action. The light of thought – in other words wisdom, intelligence and understanding – comes from above, the ceiling. Feeling corresponds to the walls, where doors and windows allow us to communicate with the outside, and where we hang curtains, pictures and mirrors. Finally, action is the floor on which we move and work. The windows which have panes represent the eyes, which is why we must clean them regularly if everything is to remain clear. Here you have a page from the living book of Nature, which you can study forever. "
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