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Daily Meditation for Saturday, July 2, 2022 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Singing together - conscious work for cosmic harmony
"The more of us there are when we sing, the more our fraternal radiance attracts divine entities that come to help us, giving us health, strength and light. We do not sing in a choir to pass the time pleasantly, but to do conscious work, to learn to submit our personal, selfish life to the law of brotherhood, universality and harmony.

We must work for harmony, because each harmonious vibration we are able to create attunes us to the great cosmic harmony. The word ‘harmony’ embodies every virtue, all blessings. When harmony penetrates us, it will tune us like an instrument; the Spirit will then play lightly on us drawing out divine sounds."

Thought of the Week for Jun 26 - Jul 2, 2022
Descending Into Matter
" Every day, humans must engage in multiple occupations that force them to descend into matter. But they must only descend, not fall – the distinction must be clear. To avoid falling, they must remain connected to the spirit that dwells within them. Thus, when they go through internally difficult times, they will find the means to escape doubt, anguish and discouragement: stairs and ladders will provide them access to the higher regions of consciousness.

In matter, one can find all that is good, but also all that is bad. To avoid becoming engulfed, one must take care to descend without blocking the stairs, without breaking the ladders, without sawing the ropes, so as to be able to climb back up quickly and take shelter in the event of danger. Faith and a high ideal are the stairs, ladders and ropes that make it possible to climb back up quickly to the higher levels.
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