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Daily Meditation for Sunday, July 21, 2024 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Divine idea - an entity that regenerates and restores us
"An idea is a living, active entity. If you do not know this, it is because you are not yet aware of the effects an idea can have upon the depths of your being. Study yourself and you will see how some ideas have harmed you while others, on the contrary, have been a wonderful help to you; then you will understand the importance of nurturing a divine idea, capable of transforming not only your entire being, but everything around you.

The concept of working for the light, for the kingdom of God and his Justice, is the most glorious idea that exists. This idea produces gold within you, meaning that it brings you health, joy, strength, intelligence, hope and faith. Thanks to this idea, you will be regenerated and restored.*"

Thought of the Week for Jul 21 - Jul 27, 2024
Devote Yourself to Your Ideal
" Since you have this spiritual ideal, you should try at least for the few days during which you are taking part in this fraternal gathering, to devote yourself entirely to your ideal. Resist the temptation to have one foot here and the other elsewhere, for if you split yourself in two like this you will never achieve very much. When you go home you can take up all your activities where you left off, but during this congress, do try to detach yourself from all that. Make a little retreat; try to find out who you really are, what your life means, and even converse a little with the divine world. Otherwise, when you need to concentrate and meditate, you will find that part of your thoughts will be elsewhere. So what is the point of being here? You would just be wasting your time. Since we are here to be together and purify ourselves, to prepare ourselves for a divine task, try not to be distracted by activities which only introduce elements incompatible to our task. "
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