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Daily Meditation for Wednesday, December 7, 2022 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Kingdom of God - first within ourselves, then in the world
"When Jesus said, ‘Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven’, he was saying we should create a bond, a current of energies between heaven and Earth so that the harmony, order, and beauty of heaven might be established on Earth, that is to say, also in ourselves. For Jesus was not talking about an earth that is external to man; the kingdom of God must be established first and foremost within us. If it were established in the world while human beings were still anarchic and violent, it would do no good at all; they would immediately destroy it. Only when the kingdom of God is established in human beings will it be possible to establish it also in the world.

Jesus worked for the Kingdom of God, for universal brotherhood, but nobody understood him. Today it is up to us to continue his work and to establish within ourselves the order and harmony that exist on high. That is the program before us!"

Thought of the Week for Dec 4 - Dec 10, 2022
Beware of Linking to Lower Nature
" Human beings have two natures: a higher nature and a lower nature, and depending on which of these two natures you address, you trigger completely different forces of which you will be the beneficiary or the victim. Suppose you suspect someone and malign them – you link yourself to their lower nature, you receive its currents and you begin to manifest the very faults and weaknesses you continually pointed out in them. Why? Because by constantly linking yourself to these inferior energies, you have opened a door within yourself to let them in. This is how you delay your evolution. If you only dwell on people’s vices and crimes, you attract all the bad entities within them, so do not be surprised if one day you feel besieged. This is quite simply a magical phenomenon. "
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