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Daily Meditation for Sunday, January 29, 2023 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Master - his face speaks of the divine world
"When a disciple loses himself in the contemplation of his Master,* he begins to sense that his Master’s face and physical form speak to him of the divine world, that they incite him to link himself to those sublime regions and awaken memories of a distant past in which all was beauty and purity. Through his physical appearance, an Initiate emanates, expresses and reveals the world of the spirit. And it is towards this world that a disciple must work, because it is beautiful, because it is rich, because it is potent and alive."

Thought of the Week for Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2023
Heaven is There to Support
" It must matter to each of you to keep steadfast in your inner orientation, because indecision – never knowing which way to go – destroys you. So, try to set the right course once and for all, and hold firm and steady in this chosen direction in order to live a new life. You will no doubt take a few falls along this path, for you are still weak, but do not become discouraged, because heaven will send you help. Even if your windows get dirty, tell yourself that tomorrow the rain will come to wash them and make them clear again. This is how it is throughout a disciple’s whole life. They fall, they get back up; they get dirty, they wash themselves off. But they must not be discouraged, knowing that heaven is always there to support them in their efforts. "
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