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Daily Meditation for Wednesday, October 4, 2023 (click here to view Past Daily Meditations)
Freedom - for those who are governed by the spirit, by light
"Human beings are free only when they succeed in re-establishing true hierarchy within themselves.* When they do so, they are kings; they regain their place on the throne and everything – their feelings, thoughts, instincts and desires – obeys them. For most people, freedom means opening a door and leaving, claiming, ‘I’m free’, even though they carry all their prisons within them. No, those who give priority to their desires, whims and passions are slaves, and their desire to be free is quite misplaced. In reality, only the spirit is free. So only those who are governed by the spirit, that is to say, by the light, by all that is noble, great and just, have the right to be free."

Thought of the Week for Oct 1 - Oct 7, 2023
Spiritual Beauty
" Only beauty can save us. Not the physical beauty of men or women that leads to passion and tragedy – the beauty that can save us is spiritual beauty. Through meditation and contemplation, we must endeavour to sense this beauty, to clothe ourselves in it, to become imbued with it, for it is this which protects us from beauty that deceives. A child dressed in a new suit does not need to be especially bright to sense that it must not get it dirty by playing in the gutter. Similarly, when you have reached the world of true beauty – which is pure light – and your aura is infused with this light, you have no desire to go just anywhere and soil this beautiful garment. So, it is this beauty that saves you. Obviously, as long as you feel like someone in their old overalls wading in the mud, the manure heap or the sludge, you will not recoil from any kind of filth or impurity. "
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